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Out of Cingular Sprint and Nextel what is the best carrier in terms of service and prices?

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    i particularly like cingular but since nextel and print merged they are a big force and have a large calling area. but cingular has better looking phones

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    Cingular has the best service but Nextel has the better plans

  • Cingular is straight forth the best.

    Just wait untill the end of the year; they are getting the BEST phones; due to the launch of their 3/3.5G service.

    On August 8th, they are getting a Windows Mobile RAZR like phone.

    Look for it, and GET CINGULAR.

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    I have Cingular for a long time now and I think it's the best among the others. They got the coolest and latest phones, roll over minutes and best of all, you can get many phones for free. I got mine from this place:

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