Windows XP Installation?

I am trying to install windows xp on a brand new hard drive I just had installed.

I installed it last night but it took over 12 hours before it was done and it still did not work this morning when I tried it.

I am in the process now of trying to reinstall it. So far it has taken 3 hours and it is still installing the program.

Is there something with the cd maybe? Or is there something else I should do before or after I install the software to get it working?

Also what is the normal time it takes to install windows xp on a brand new hard drive?

I also have a new motherboard and processor just put on as well. Not sure if that makes a difference.


NO it shouldn't be the motherboard or the processor. I just had new ones put in this past week. It has to b something else.

Update 2:

Yes I did keep an eye on it from time time while it was installing. I only got one error during install and that was a box that popped up and said something about an "INSF" file or something to that matter.

After the restart the Windows XP welcome screen came up and then gave me a blank blue screen for 10 mins or so and that was it. I just turned it off. I called the shop that installed the new motherboard, processor, and hard drive and they said they tested everything and everything was fine. He even told me he did a "Pre-Install" or something like that and everything came up fine. He said it must be my cd cause of the scratches that were on it. I took it to a place today and got the scratches cleaned and the cd looks brand new. Im in the process of installing it right now actually. So far it has taken 3 hours and 25 mins and still installing. I just wanted some help/opinions just in case it did not go through again.

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    You may have a hardware problem. If the disc is in good condition, there shouldn't be any issues with it. You may have a bad processor, motherboard, or hard drive. It should only take a few hours to completely install Windows XP from scratch. As long as you properly format the hard drive. (Windows should ask you to do that if it isn't formatted properly.)

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    I agree with the people above. Not showing off, but I have installed and uninstalled XP about 5 times in July alone. Every time, it take about 1 hour to install everything; 1 hour the most. I have 1.4 G processor and 512 ram, stargate hard drive, 52x cr-rom, i dont know the motherboard, dont think it would make a difference. Anyway, if you have something similar to what i have or even better, then I certainly think something is wrong with your hardware.

    I dont know and i am not sure, but just saying. Did you give your computer to a company to put on a new motherboard and processor or did you do it yourself or your friend or brother or whatever? If you gave it to a company and the pc worked good before you gave ot tp them, i would say they have done something. I have heard companies try to trick you as much as possible. My father told me the other day that a company was supposed to install a $3000 equipment for a store, when my father went to see what was wrong with the equipment, he saw that there was nothing installed, so basically they get the 3000 and about 1000 for the work without spending anything on the store.

    So what i am getting at is that they may have tricked you somehow, but i may just be talking crap.

    Ok, i did not see the last part of the details. I am not accusing the store, but they will always say that it works because it is in their favor. If they say it does not work, then there is no point. They can tell you anything, but it may be wrong. When i want to know if something is right, i make them do it when i am there so i can see what they are doing and if it really works. Right now if you tak it back and tell them it does not work, they may already know that, so they can make you come back again and pay another $500 or so, so they can "fix" it until the next month.

    No offense, but you have to learn how to fix your computer. I was the same way about 5 years ago. Did nto know anything and always gave it to the guy who made my computer, and of cource i had to pay him. Now I do all my fixing and everything else.

    I am sorry, i talk too much.

    Anyway, it is still a lot of time for windows to be installing. There is something wrong, but I dont know what. It may the processor or the motherboard. It may take a little while so they can get moving or may just have a processor from someone who also went to that store, so the store just decided that you would not know.

    Sorry, too much crap. Hope this helped somehow.

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    Did you get any errors after the installation? The new MB and CPU might have something to do with it, but that's only IF they are not on XP's HCL (Hardware Compatability List). XP installations for me takes about 5-6 hours ( I think), though I can't honestly remember the last time I had to install it, so I could be off at least a couple of hours, but I don't think it takes more than 8. Did you just leave it alone or were you watching it from time to time? I usually like to keep an eye on it once every so often in case something does go wrong. There might be a problem with your XP Cd, but it's hard to say. Anyways, that's all I can give you right now, hopefully someone will have a better answer for you.

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    Installation is going on means nothing wrong with your Main board and processor.

    Win Xp has a little problem when it is being installed in a new HDD.

    even if the hard disk is not properly detected it will start installing the OS will waste around 1hr. to tell there is no HDD present in the system.

    I am not sure how you tried the installation directly from the bootable CD or from HDD, and up to what stage you reached

    Also check the compatibility of your processor to the version of your WinXp. 64bit processors have separate versions.

    If you have a Mainboard supporting USB2.0 and all means to configure and to work on these interfaces you need to install Win XP SP2.

    Very importantly you have to clearly mention up to which stage you could reach during your installations. The only the troubleshooting is possible.

    Normally it takes 45mts to installation of XP in a fast system. But this may go up depending up on the disk formating you choose(FAT/NTFS)

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    Depending on you RAM capacity, an hour or two. Any longer, there's a problem! I would start with the HDD itself. Make sure all of the connections are secure and tight. Make sure there's no unusual noises coming from the HDD. The next item to check would be memory, make sure that it is in the DIMM slot correctly and locked in tightly. The first part of installing Windows is to format your drive, make sure you pick the NTFS file system and not FAT32. After formatting, it is a step by step process.

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    don't know what they did, but I would fdisk and format the drive with the software that came with it to install, and format it for XP. I should not take over an hour to install xp, I have done it in amd k62 500 machines in an hour. Make sure there is nothing hooked up like internet printers, etc. IM me if you need more help

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    THE SLOWEST CPU CAN INSTALL XP SP 1 IN LESS THAN 1 HOUR ARE YOU SHURE THE CABLES TO THE CD DRIVE and hard drive are correct and the jumper for slave and master are correct when it first boots does the comp hang on the drive dection screen for more than a few seconds or the memory test and what cpu mb and memory are you running need to know models and what hard drive if its serial ata you may need to hit the f6 key just when it boot from cd and goes to the blue screen it says to hit f6 if you need to install raid or scsi drivers then when it stops it will say hit s to install the driver and you need to have the driver floppy in the drive so juts give the model information please

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    What's your hard drive brand. Some come with installation CD's that help bridge bios compatability issues so that bigger hard drives are fully recongnized in a new installation.

    I had a difficult install with a new maxtor hard drive. Second time around I used the MaxBlast software I downloaded from their site and the install went like a dream.

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    It takes 45 mins to 1 hour to install win xp on ur new hard drive.

    could be couple of things ..could be the cd ,could be ur cd drive or it could be ram.i had the same problem b4 would take long to install and then in middle it would show blue screen ..i changed ram and it fixed the problem..

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    Not sure, but I have install and reinstall Windows XP many times, it always takes me about an hour to two hours.

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