Why did the southern states want to control their own foreign trade?

Im studying Civics, history and Im stuck on some ???

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    Because they had a huge hold on the agriculture at the time. Mainly tobacco and cotton.

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    From: The South and Southern History

    by Clyde Wilson

    One of the most important works in Southern history is Frank L. Owsley's

    Plain Folk of the Old South. Owsley demonstrates that the South was not,

    according to abolitionist propaganda, made up of slaves, haughty

    aristocrats, and degraded poor whites, but the bulk of the people were

    independent farmers and stockraisers who had economic sufficiency and a love

    of liberty and were not bossed by anybody. The official stance of academic

    historians today is that "Owsley has been disproved." They must say this,

    because if the Old South was not as the abolitionists fancied it to be,

    desire for independence cannot be discredited and its invasion and

    destruction cannot be justified. In fact, Owsley has not been disproved and

    cannot be. The literature which might seriously challenge him does not


    You cannot understand the conflict that led to the War of Southern

    Independence unless you know something about the Old North. It was the North

    that suffered a revolution in its ways of thinking and doing. The historical

    path taken by the Old South is only explained by the economic, demographic,

    political, and religious changes in the North in the 19th century. It was

    these changes that brought to power the elements that demanded the

    destruction of the South and that reinterpreted the Constitution and the

    meaning of the Union. Only recently have historians begun to look carefully

    at the Old North, and some good books have appeared. If there is one certain

    indisputable generalization we can make about the North in the War and the

    periods before and after, it is this: The Union side NEVER did anything with

    a primary motive of benevolence toward the black population of America.

    Southerners have historically been the most loyal to the United States and

    ready to fight in its defense of all Americans. They are also the Americans

    most loyal to their own region and their own states, and the most likely to

    remain in their native territory. This is not paradoxical because loyalty is

    an indivisible quality of character. Their loyalty makes Southerners natural

    enemies of those powerful Americans who are not loyal to their people or

    country but to the government and the "propositions" it allegedly



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    Because importing and exporting was the whole Southern economy. Once again, the liberal north wanted to tax the hell out of everything. This would have, and is, ruining the industry. The south did not want to give their money to the federal government where it would be given back out to urban areas. They wanted the money to fund their own causes.

    Oh, gee, that seems like modern times to me.

    And clarification: The Civil War WAS mainly about taxes, NOT about slavery. The North had slaves as well, and it was only after the Civil War that they abolished slavery. This is something Uncle Sam has covered up for many years.

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    I'm taking you mean around the Civil War times, right? Well, I think it was mainly because the Southern farmers depended upon the export of their cotton to places like Britain and such. The South was mostly farming, the North mostly business. That has to do with it, but I'm not really sure. If you need more help, then search Wikipedia.com for American Civil War, and it should help you plenty.

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    Basically, they wanted to be in charge of their own destiny. Remember they did not have the communication we do today. They did not have the travel we do today. Generally, people stayed in their own area of the country from cradle to grave. Those Yankees had no right what to tell us to do. They have machinery up there. We have to take care of our own affairs down here.

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    Point of clarification: are Yankees considered foreigners

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    i dont know

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