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don't you hate it when your mom punishes you for saying how you feel?!!!?

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    Cait, haven't you learned anything growing up in the same house as your mother? You know she doesn't want you to tell her how you feel; she wants you to tell her what she wants to hear. If you really need to have a heart-to-heart with your mom, you need to sit her down and tell her it's going to happen so she can prepare herself to listen.

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    I have no idea what your talking about. I have always spoken my mind and my opinion and have never gotten in trouble for it. You should point out that you are your own person and she shouldnt punish you for saying what you feel. What if you were raped and refused to say it because your view was different from your moms?

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    Well, it's not fair that u get punished for saying how u feel it she always tell u to tell the truth.

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    Yes. But some moms just think that you are confused or that your unsure, sometimes you are but she still shouldn't punish unless she has it straight.

    Source(s): My own experience and mother
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    YES she always ask you to be open then screams at you for hours when you tell the truth

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    Talk to her about it when she's in a good mood. Tell her how much you love her and that you need to be able to talk to her.

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    yes, its frusterating when you are trying to talk to them like adults by expressing how you feel and they take it disrespectfuly...then wonder why you never talk to them...but sometimes you may be disrespectful without realizing it.

  • yes so sometimes its beter i don't say it if she don't give a s**** about it

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    yea it sucks

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    hell yes, i know exactly what u mean.

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