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I was just reading a question someone asked about bible verses and how they say Jesus said he was going to turn brother against brother and all. I believe it was Matthew 10:34 and a few other verses from Matthew. I read the question and thought "There is no way the bible says that" so I looked it up. It did say that. So I thought maybe something before or after the verse would explain it. I read Matthew10 entirely and nothing really explained it. Yet no one bothered to really answer the question. They called him a false prophet and other names but never explained the verses. Now I am not a Christian but I am not against them either. I am curious about the verses. Why won't someone answer the question at hand and explain it all for those of us that really want to know?

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    The Hebrews or Jews (same group) were looking for an earthly king to overpower Rome - Jesus came as that King, but they were disappointed as he kept talking of a spiritual kingdom not of this world and that is not what they wanted to hear - so he explains to them that he did not come to unite and bring peace but he came to divide as family members would turn against one another in his name - the reason was because He came in flesh, but his kingdom is spiritual and those who rejected that notion, which had been prophesied that it would be a spiritual kingdom, but they weren't hearing because they were tired of enslavement to Roman rule, found themselves in civil discord. It's no different today - there are many religions that teach we are all seeking the same thing, we just have different ways to get there - but this is not true at all - Jesus is the only way to get there and that method is by faith - not by anything we can do or earn or be - just by faith that He is who he said he is. This is still not good enough for many, but it is all there is. I hope this has answered your question and why Jesus said he had brought division. If you have questions and you don't want a bunch of smart remarks, please feel free to email me.

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    Matherw 10:32-42

    This is a prophecy of family strife based on Mic 7:6, which may not exist in a protetant bible. It is describing discord in the latter days. Apparently, a tribulation will send turn those in the same household against one another. The cruxification brings both the current ministry (which likely did this) together with the time period in which the prophecy will be fulfilled.

    Simply, it is a prophecy of strife in the latter days, cause by what is probably religious (including Atheist) disagreement.

    Source(s): Oxford Bible Commentary.
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    Not having seen the question, I'm not sure. Was it truly a question, or was it an attempt to goad people? (Lot of that going on in this here system.)

    You might want to track the question. The first few answerer's are usually off-the-cuff, or people just trying to get points. You can check on it in a couple of days to see if there's a reasoned response.

    Was it in the right category? If not, then the people reading it may have taken it as a joke, not cared about it, etc.

    Maybe it was a bad time of day, when only cranky people were reading. (Really, just guessing.)

    Now that you're curious, perhaps you could post a nice, calm question about it.

    (Can't answer anything about it myself, as I don't know.)

    PS: Never mind. Seems while I was writing, you got some serious answers.

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    It does talk about that, and it is exactly true. People will turn against christians, and even within families there will arise much discord over Jesus. It is not that Jesus is looking to start wars, but he talks repeatedly what it will cost to follow Him. He was very clear and left a very clear message to anyone who chooses to read the bible that trusting Him as the Way, Truth, and Life is going to be difficult. He also commands, take up your cross and follow me. It is a journey of death to self-desires for the sake of eternal life and salvation through Him. This world is in a position where Jesus has already won the battle, but God is allowing His grace for any who will choose Him to have the time to. In the meantime, Satan is still free to work in this world, and Satan is still trying to steal victory from Jesus. This is what Jesus was refering to. If you want proof, keep reading the questions/answers in the religion section. Doesn't take long to see it is true.

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    Yes be glad to. This means that some will believe and except Jesus as Saviour while others while not, and the ones that do not believe and except turn against those who do and make fun of them and laugh at them. But Jesus also tells us that this too would happen in John 15:20. But ours is to be strong in the Lord and know that He is God and that He is coming again soon. Why not except Him as your Saviour Romans10:9-13 will show you how. God Bless

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    firstly you must understand the Bible was not written in verses... so when somebody quotes a "VERSE" they are really taking a single line out of context and using it to serve a purpost

    secondly you must know that the Bible was written a long time ago and not in English - it was mistranslated in may places (we all know how impossible it is to translate anything 100% since some words do exist in other languages)

    finally the Bible has been rewritten and edited many many times - infact one VERSION of the Bible (The King James Version) is well known to be distorted in many areas to serve King James agenda at the time....

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    This is a part of Jesus' speech to His apostles before they go out and preach on their own. This particular passage is showing that because some in a household will believe in Him and some in that same household will not, there will be divisions in that household. I've known of parents who have disowned their children because they became Christians. Christ came to bring peace, but His coming inevitably brought conflict as well. There is a battle between God and Satan.

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    Jesus say the TRUTH, exactly what will happen.

    For example: When I got saved and trusted Jesus Christ as my saviour, my own brother stopped talking to me. Because of my belief he just stopped talking to me. Many of my so called friends did the same. So Christ was saying that brother would turn against his own brother,... also because Jesus says that the world hates Him. And there is PROOF, just look at half of the posts in this place, people HATE Christ... so if you believe in Him, many hate you.

    Does this answer your q? If not email me and I will try to explain further.

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    Jesus is talking about the sake of the gospel ,some will not believe and that means people under the same roof , A brother are sister

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    Some people are here just for the points rather than to actually help people with problems and clarify things....and some are just here to get their jollies off of making other people feel bad. I will occasionally answer a question with a sarcastic remark, but only when it seems appropriate...if someone asks a sincere, interesting question, I try to give them a valid answer.

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