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HELP i need birthday party ideas?

Ok i am turning 12 and i need ideas for a birthday party because my b-day is coming up in a month. Its for guys and girls and i'm a girl but i'm not really the girly girl i'm skater punk emoish type of girl.

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    Have your party at a local skate park, or, if you have ramps and stuff at your house have it there. Also, you could watch a scary movie, play some awesome music. Just, invite your friends and have a good time, thats whats important. And most of the time, a party isn't great because of the decorations, theme, or activities; it's great because of the conversations and that the host is nice to everyone. Have a good time!

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    have your party where the skaters hang out at like a skate park.( or maybe even a water park). if you don't want a big party have your closest friends come to your house for a payperview party or something

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    Some ideas: (warning they may be corny) Rent a movie theatre, go bowling, paintball game, if you live by the shore, beach it w/ a cookout after, rent paddleboats, go to 6 flags, skateboard park w/ picnic/ cookout after. Hope you get some good ideas. :-)

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    Birthday spankings! A spank for each year and one to grow on, from everyone attending.

    They are free and embarrassing

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  • 1 decade ago, palm trees, beaches and lots of music

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    just have a skating party

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    Buy, beer, marihuana,extaxis total voala big a happy party hehehe please don`t forget protection

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