i am 30 as of recently i am not interested in sex with my wife we have been togather for 14 years .?

is it a phase


no i am not getting gay

Update 2:

should we have a 3 way with another lady

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    You should have a check up by your doctor. There can be a number of physical and psychological problems that could cause this. Talk about this with your wife. Stuffed anger issues ( not expressing anger in a productive way) is a common reason for what you are experiencing.

    You might try marriage counseling if there is no physical reason.

    My x-wife and I dated for 3 years and then were married for 17 years, so I have some experience with this. If you are unhappy then your wife is unhappy also.

    I had been through some very painful emotional times in my life. Bad enough so that I believed that I could never experience worse emotional pain. Was I ever wrong! The emotional pain I experienced after my wife left me was so bad that I had not thought that it was possible for a person to feel so bad!

    I was in a separated and divorced support group for 3 years. One of the men in the group had been in combat in Viet Nam and had been seriously wounded there. He said that he had so much emotional pain that if he had a choice, he would choose to be back in combat, rather than feel what he was feeling due to his divorce.

    I say this to illustrate that it is worth it to try and do all the work necessary to save your marriage or to keep it intact!

    Source(s): I worked as a Registered Nurse on a psyvhiatric unit in a hospital for 22 years.
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    You said that you are not interested in sex "with your wife." You guys need to spice up your sexual life. Boredom does set in for most couples if they are not creative.

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    Do you drink? Maybe you're turning queer. I drank and had depression, and was married for all of two years. Then I turned queer. Mystery solved!

    Love, Jack

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    Get a medical checkup. Are you getting gay?

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    try to check up your sugar level, and other pathology

    consult a doctor

  • 1 decade ago

    Your an a$$ give her some pleasure

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