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Help me.... Otherwise I'll get to the point of killing myself :'(?

When your whole family is fighting all day... your parents are about to get divorced unless something big saves their marriage, you have no friends, u have been called of all tipes of things (surely not good ones), and u dont like ANYTHING about your life.... how do u go through a bad day??


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    You need someone to talk to.... it cant be ur family obviously.... and u r saying that u have no friends. Well... I would suggest that you find someone who cant really see u, because when u talk about those themes, is better to talk for example on the phone with someone u dont know (maybe on the youth hotline), so that its easier to not be embarassed (I, for exammple have been embarassed sometimes of talking about that kind of things with people I know). You should also get a hobby, keep your mind off your parents situation, and just try to live your life as best as you can. Try to find a friend somewhere, try to get out of this situation and years later you'll look back and think about how stupid it was of u even thinking about killing yourself. And try to talk to your parents. Try to make that "huge thing to save their marriage" happen. Good luck, and contact anyone in here if u need anything.

    Dont let bastards get u down, you're 100 times more worth than what those persons who call you names and other people are!!!

    Ur friend, Dan!! :)

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    I went through the same thing as a young girl and teenager. Try to remember you will not be in this place forever, take each day at a time, and talk to a teacher or a counselor at school.

    You will make something of yourself, so have the determination to keep going, no matter who tries to drag you down.

    Killing yourself is not an answer, and people do care about you, so believe in yourself.

    Blessed be,

    Lady Morgahnna

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    Remember that if your parents get divorced, they will still be your parents whether or not they are together. I suggest you do some activities outside of school like volunteering or sports and make some friends, or just an activity to get out of the house.

    You can always talk to a guidance counselor at your school or make a journal, but getting to the point of killing yourself won't help your parents or your current situation.

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    find a quieter more peaceful place to go when your family is fighting, no one likes to witness family fighting especially parents. if your parents are having marital problems remember that it is not you fault, sometimes people just stop loving eachother. i would find someone to talk to, a counselor or trusted adult and have them help you pick out the positive things in life so that you don't always turn to the negatives. i know it is difficult but don't listen to those who call you bad things, they are probably jealous or trying to make themselves feel better at the expense of you. if you are really thinking about killing yourself seek help somewhere, anywhere.

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    If you're seriously considering suicide, GET HELP NOW!!! I strongly urge you to seek out professional help for your problems. I'm thinking if you told your parents about what your're going through, then they should band together to make sure you get the help you need. I've been through depression myself for a number of years now, but somehow, I'm still alive and kicking. I'm also dealing with other disability issues. Autism, and Hydrocephalus. If you would like, I'll be your friend. please contact me, and let me know how things are going for you. Take care, and good luck! :)

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    oh man..i wish i was there beside u to give u a pat and a shoulder to lean on. Lots of people feel like this in a certain phase in their lives. Just close your eyes and try to let yourself be numb to the troubles and frustrations in ur life. Make ur heart ice cold-and rock hard, so that u wont feel. When u dont feel, u dont hurt.

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    to go through the bad day just go to your room shut the door so you cant here the fighting. Close your eyes take a nap just forget about your bad day. I will be your friend we will just answer each others Questions. See you later freind

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    Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary situation. Don't let others problems become your problems and focus on whatever you love now and whatever you want to be, see, or feel for the next 50 years.

    Talk to a friend.

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    everyone has felt like that once. it gets hard but after going through it all something good will happen. through all the hard time you have to think positive and be confident.

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    well if it helps my family got a divorce and im still kicking strong!

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