Big Marriage Problems: Depression, Hoarding, Drinking?

My husband of 14 years was like prince charming. Caring, considerate, romantic, the whole deal. Soon before the birth of our 2nd child 8 years ago, he started to change. Hanging out with friends and doing favors for them, leaving me alone all the time. He barely gives me or the kids any attention. Also, in the last few years, he's become depressed and stressed out constantly (he blames it on his family's business, which was changed when his dad died). Holidays, vacations (1 weekend a year) and any events we have to attend are major stress situations for him, to the point where he's unbearable. I try to keep the kids from being too affected or aware of his issues. Also, he's a hoarder to the nth degree. There are whole rooms I can't use because they're packed with stuff. He uses alcohol as medication.If I try to bring up any of these issues, he says things like "it's Your perception that my (drinking, hoarding, friendship, etc) is a problem." Won't do therapy or meds. Help

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    1 decade ago
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    It's time for an intervention. You need to meet with a mental health professional and get them to help you have an intervention. You, his close family, and close friends must be aware of how he is. Get the closest of them together and tell him that all of you think that he needs help. Then, tell him that he has to get help or get out. It's difficult, but it's what's needed.

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    Start talking to a therapist and get some advice. maybe during one of these sessions you can "trick" him into coming with you. He needs help and fast. Start going through those rooms and throwing away anything that doesnt look important. After all, it is your house too and you would like to have extra space right? And possesion is only 50%. Half that crap is yours, if you dont want it throw it out!

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    Well first of all he should be with his family not his friends. It is ok to be out sometimes with your friends but family comes first. He could be acting as if he is depress so he can get out of the house. He need to go to AA and he has to do it for himself he is not going to do it for you and your children. Could be having an affair as well you might want to look into hiring an investigator if you can afford one.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think that it's time for you to lay it out on the line to him. Tell him that unless he gets the help he needs, you will leave. Perhaps that will scare him into getting help. If he still refuses to get help then he loves his alcohol more than you and you are better off without him,.

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