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Suave's hair color shampoo?

I have really dirty blonde hair that almost looks brown and I've been using Suave's blonde shampoo & conditioner (which claims it works as well as John Freida) for a while. I haven't really seen much of a change. I've also been inside for most of the summer and my hair bleaches out when I'm in the sun for a while. Will it work like it says or should I give up on it?


I know that it only works on your highlights, but I don't really see much of a difference.

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    You get what you pay for.... Suave?? Yucky.. I would stick with professional products. Redken has a new line called "Blonde Glam" it is a good product

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    I use this shampoo and conditioner too. It isn't supposed to make your hair blonder, but just help your blonde highlights stand out. This is a common misconception about these shampoos. In fact, my mother and I spoke about this today. She was buying my dad the John Freida brunette shampoos and was complaining that it wasn't doing anything to dye my fathers hair. I had to explain to her that it isn't meant to change the color of the hair, but to just enhance the color through the way it cleans it.

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