Do people making porn go around looking for young girls?

I was on on a three day trial membership. I was watching the teen porn. Their was a guy and a woman who were supposedly married going around with one other guy who was the camera man. On one seen, they went to a library where they asked a 19 year old girl to go home with them so they can teach her how to cook. She was looking at some self help cook books, so they decided to ask her to come home with them. when they got to the home they coaxed her to have sex with them. she was hesitant at first, then she gave in. I know it was just acting.

But how do they initially invite young girls to the porn industry. Does is go something like the film. Do they approach young girls and asked them if they want to make money in the porn industry, or is it only advertised in papers?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    By and large, they use deception, or wave a bunch of cash under their nose and work the numbers .... there are enuf young girls out there with no self-esteem or who are hooked on drugs, or ...... who are willing to take the bait. Also, it's becoming more mainstream, and some think, "normal" to engage porn sites --- including females! Just another sign that this country is goin' downhill fast!

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