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do you think a person with a master's degree and a felony from ten years ago will be able to find a well?

paying job felony is for robbery

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    It depends onw what your masters degree is in. If you have a "real masters degree", as in you wrote an actual research paper with a thesis, then I would imagine you could find work. If you have an online MBA (or even a regular MBA), you probably still can find work but might have to look harder.

    Focus on your accomplishments, not your past mistakes. You should be fine.

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    Since the time was served out and obviously have served out the parole too by living free of crime well at least not being arrested again and getting the masters there is no reason that you or who ever it is cant write for a letter of pardon from your governor and get your file sealed. This way no one will need to know and you dont have to tell anyone either. Sometimes people make mistakes and they shouldnt have to live with it for ever thats why once proving you can live in society without criminal activity they will forgive and forget and seal your record

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    If there is any part of the felony, such as time served, probation, etc. on your record, you could have a problem. Some employers will make that a disqualifier if your record has not been absolutely clean for 7 years. Unfortunately you'll just have to figure that one out company by company.

    Best of luck to you...

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  • robbie
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    These are very extreme life skill comparisons.

    Good for you for trying to redirect your life in a positive way.

    Some people are questioning the quality of your MBA. These are always people who are "in the MBA Club" and want to close the doors after they are in.

    I was a career IBM Mgr. I was always interested much more about the person.


    Attitude (huge)

    Relationship skills.

    Communication skills.

    Presentation skills.

    Intelligence (ability to learn)

    Honesty and integrity (even if it hurts)

    I have known many/many MBA's of varying qualities.

    Yes, thats nice and most are great people, but some of them I would'nt trust to go to the store for a bottle of pop. They would find a way to screw it up.

    Anyways, MBA is good, but it is NOT the complete solution.

    Build trust, earn respect, be an adult, help the disadvantaged in life. (there is always someone worse off than you)

    Make a a man or not.

    Good luck

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    OK, the felony is for robbery. But what is the master's degree for?

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    While that may be difficult, I don't believe it to be impossible! Get busy submitting your resume everywhere. Be relentless in your pursuit. You will more than likely hire in at entry level pay, but regular salary increases will be a part of your contract. You could even apply your "life skills" in a positive way by becoming a consultant to crime prevention agencies!!! Good luck!

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    It would depend on the job. 10 years ago is far enough away for alot of jobs. But lets say your looking for a government job........they will question you alot. It wont mean that they wont hire you, but it will be hard, harder than it already is to get a gov job. And if is were a job handling money........they might have an issue with it as well.

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    Probably, but you might have to take something beneath you for awhile to prove yourself reliable and trustworthy, but it will be worth it in the end.

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    They are better off self employed. Customers don't ask to many questions.

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