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i just gave birth and i can't get a enough sleep, I'm constantly up either caring for my baby or housework

any tips on how to help me survive this exhaustion without collapsing?

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    take it from a mother of 14mo. old twins~ YOU CAN'T BE SUPERWOMAN!!!!! put the housework aside. take care of your baby. that is #1 priority right now, and letting your body heal!!!! it is demanding and damn hard work. i know this is hard too but try and nap/sleep when the baby sleeps. i know what it is like to hear the dishes and laundry calling "clean me...clean me" but resist. resistance is not futile!!! do you have your partner to help? if so ask him to help with the household duties, or at least ask him to understand that the house will not be perfect until you have a schedule and routine worked out. (which may not be until your baby is 6mo!) do you have family members near? when my twins were little my parents took them every wed. in the morning and kept them until 9pm! it was great~ i got the groceries bought and cleaned and napped that day. did i mention that my partner works out of town 4 days a week? that was brutal... if you would like to IM me it is mollyevanopdorp

    if not good luck and try and take it one day at a time!!!

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    As a mother myself, I too, had experienced what you're experiencing now. It's 'normal' and everyone else who had just given birth, go through that stage.

    As for tips, the best thingt to remember is to eat well, and sleep whenever you can. Although you don't have the luxury of sleeping through the night, just remember that when your baby take a sleep / nap during the day, you too, should be resting. I know, you might as well consider doing the housework- but most chores at home (like cleaning, doing the laundry, etc. ) can WAIT. In your situation, it is also important to let your husband or even immediate family members know what you are going through. Tell them that you are sleep-deprived and that you need 'help'. With your husband around, I am pretty sure that he can help you in some of the things at home. Why not consider a family member or even a close friend look after your baby even for a couple of hours? Or even longer?- so that you can take that much needed rest.

    Just remember that this is just a phase and that very soon, your baby will fall into a sleeping pattern. With that, maybe in a few weeks' time or the next couple of months, you will soon find out that your baby's routines (like drinking milk / feeding time, sleeping) will fall into a schedule. With that consolation, you will be able to schedule yourself in terms of housework and grab that much needed rest.

    So for now, ask for help if you can and if it's just not possible, well, do your best to keep yourself strong and fit by eating a well balance meal each time around.

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    All new parents are exhausted. It's just par for the course.

    Everyone tells you that you should sleep when the baby sleeps, and I don't know anyone who was able to do it. That said, let the housework go. Seriously. Your child doesn't care, and anyone who visits you will understand. Do the dishes and the laundry--the stuff that really matters--and let everything else slide.

    Also, enlist your partner's help. And if you have family, press them into service.

    Hang in there. The sleeping part DOES get easier, although the rest of the job never does!

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    anytime the baby is asleep, take a nap yourself. this is hard to wrap your brain around because you want to be up cleaning and doing things you can't get done when the baby is awake. change your thinking! you've got to get your rest, otherwise you're no good to anyone. as for the housework and whatnot, enlist the help of family or friends. grandparents are always willing to do what it takes to spend time with the little one, so ask if grandma can come sit at the house for a couple of hours so you can get some sleep.

    when my son was an infant, the swing and bouncy seat were my savior. i would put him in the seat while i was doing housework and he was content for a good length of time. hope these tips help!

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    Sleep when the baby sleeps. Once a day when the baby is sleeping take a shower. Do the housework that you HAVE to do with the baby in your arm (if it is not dangerous). Ask for help if you need it. Your first concern is your new baby, and you can't be there for your baby if you don't get sleep. I highly recommend co-sleeping. It not only reduces the incidence of SIDS but if you are breastfeeding your baby will nurse his or herself in a few weeks and you won't even have to wake up except to change sides.

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    Take a day and just rest with your baby only get up to feed or care for your baby if you are married tell your hubby to start helping you because you are exhausted there is no reason he shouldn't be able to help you! Congratulations on the new baby and good luck! Oh yeah I forgot to add like everyone else said sleep when your baby sleeps, and have friends or relatives come over to help you also! GOOD LUCK!

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    I was that way after the birth of my children. I was cleaning and cleaning and never sleeping. I was so tired. My mother in law brought me this little sign that said "Go away cobwebs and dust go to sleep, I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep" Ever since I've chilled out on the house work. In 5 years, your house will still be there, but your baby will not be a baby anymore. He'll be in school and doing big kid stuff! Sleep when your baby sleeps and cherish the baby years!

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    Sleep EVERYTIME your baby sleeps. Who cares about housework? The new little bundle of joy isn't going to remember a messy house or piled up dishes or overflowing laundry.

    Buy a bassinet or paknplay bassinet that you can move from to room so that way you can still do some housework in rooms you need to while you sing to her or tell her story as you do it.

    Bouncy Seats and Swings are nice I hear, but mine never cared for them and I liked holding her to much :)

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    I know how you feel! I have a two and a half year old and a 6 month old...not getting enough sleep is the hardest part of having a baby. Remember, although it may not always be possible, sleep when the baby sleeps...I do not have that luxury because of my toddler who never takes naps! Thanks for this question...it has inspired me to go to bed right now because my baby daughter may wake up in a few hours...good night!

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    i know it is hard to just leave things and go to sleep when the baby does ... but keep things as simple as possible... lay down at least twice during the day when your baby sleeps... read a book... close your eyes ... take the phone off the hook... leave a do not disturb sign on your front door...

    housework is important but not as important as your rest time...

    put things away as you go... dirty dishes in the sink... dirty clothes in the laundry... having a spot for everything will keep things looking neater even if they arent washed...

    even ask a friend or relative for a bit of help one afternoon .... to do the ironing, bathrooms and floors...otherwise let it be

    if you are doing all the housework because of visitors then ask the most popular visitor of yours for the help...

    just sleep... it wont be like this for long... if you were my friend and asked me for help i would love it... dont be shy

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