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does anyone know a good website for free golf instruction videos?

i saw one on here before, but it was a while ago

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  • Doug
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    Yes very good www.pga.com improve your game section they just added video. You can find articles and video that are very detailed. This site helps golfers and instructors

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    The best place I've found is at Golfspan.com http://www.golfspan.com/ They seem to have a ton of free videos to watch. You can also become a member for $50 a year and this is some of what you get:

    - 10% Off All TGW.com Pro Shop Purchases

    - One Year of GOLF Magazine included

    - Unlimited Access to Over 500 Video Tips

    - 700K Cable Videos

    - Money Back Guarantee

    This link will show you everything they provide:




    U.S. Golf Schools - http://www.us-golf-schools.com/

    To Golf Or Not To Golf - http://tgontg.blogspot.com/

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    Our website has about 30 free instructional videos. Some require registration, but that is free as well.

    You can check it out at the link below.

    I hope they help!

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    It is the best golf video I've ever seen.

    Source(s): www.golfdigest.com/swingsequences
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