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Why can't we as men just ask for directions when we are lost?

Look if your lost your lost, so why is such an effort to admit it? " I'm not from around here;" "Do you know how to get to;" "How do I get on the interstate?" How does this compromise my masculinity? Do we all belong in special ed?

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    this is just a normal reaction from the just hate being defeated, and by admitting that you don't know your way to a particular place, it's like admitting defeat! men by nature are problem-solvers and they think they have an answer to every question and problem in the world. it is in their doesn't compromise their masculinity, they just fel less efficient..sometimes it's irritating when men do that, but we, women, can't do anything about's NATURE...

    Source(s): why men don't understand and women can't read maps - Allan and Barbara Pease read the book, lots of insights on understanding both genders..
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    I am actually not scared to ask for directions when I get lost. Kinda weird--my wife's the one who can't stand stopping at a gas station to ask for directions. I'd much rather get there on time than pretend that I need to shield my precious ego.

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    I think men do that because they think they are just a few seconds from finding his way, why waste time stopping and asking.

    Women on the other hand, like to take their time, stop, look around and ask for help.

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    Men are still hunters and they can't admit to a failing or weakness in this department. Personally, I need one of those GPS gizmos. I'm always getting lost.

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    I don't like stopping for directions but my hubby is worse; he will drive around the streets for ages saying 'I know it's around here somewhere,' grrrrrr. I don't know why or even if it is universal. That's scary as alot of our leaders are male!!! excuse me can you direct this missile to....

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