Are older guys NOT the best thing ever?! And I cant find one...Help!?

seriously, theres nothing like an older guy...but i cant seem to find one, im 19, good looking...what gives?!


in my fantasy world, 30ish, but attractive, but life isnt a fantasy so, mid-ish 20s

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    You might be trying to hard. Older guys will probably want a woman who is more independent and mature, then guys your own age. I find relationships happen when you least expect them, try and develop more confidence and independence in your own life, older guys (at least I do) will be able to pick up on that.

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    So for you, older would be 20 and up...when I was 19 I married a 24 yr old...I know I wouldn't have gone much older, and 30 would've been out of the question...

    I've never understood the appeal between young women and older (their dads age) men...or young men and older (their moms age) max range has never been greater than 10 yrs either way, but it's not always been that wide...and right now it's about 8 yrs older and 7 or 8 yrs younger (I'm 41)...

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    The older, more experienced men who hopefully have grown out of the "boy" stage are absolutely wonderful!! Since I was 17, I have always preferred older men. I married a man who was 12 years older than me. No it wasn't for the money! I made $10,000 more than him!! Just be patient and be aware of the way you put yourself out there. Older men don't want to babysit you! Unless you are going to "teach" them a thing or two!!!! It's fun but that won't last long!

    Never depend on a man to make you happy! I did this when I was about your age. Always seeking their approval, etc. Love yourself first and then EVERYTHING WILL FALL INTO PLACE!

    I am 26 years old and lovin older MEN!!

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    im 20 but thats not that older

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  • 1 decade ago

    Older guys know how to treat girls right.

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    1 decade ago

    damn, im 19 a few years being the "older guy" is gonna kick @ss!

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    Older guys can rock your world.....ok

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    Don't chase the feelig baby girl let it come to you.

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    We are here, you just have to look harder! How old are you looking for though?

  • 1 decade ago

    some of them are ok also some of them are naughty one..

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