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how do u manually break in pointe shoes?

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    Step on the box, to widen it. Then you need to bend the shank starting at the heel.

    Start wearing the shoes around the house walking on high demi pointe. This will be painful at first, but after a few days it should loosen up a lot. Wearing your shoes will definitely break them in the fastest.

    You should also to the "bicycle" when you have the elastics sewn on. Holding on to a chair you should roll through each part of the foot. Flat, demi, full pointe, push over the box, demi, flat. Do that over and over again.

    Depending upon your shoes it should help you be ready to dance barre in them.

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    I dont reccommend that you do. If you take ballet class, you should arrive about half hour before the class starts. Do some simple warm-ups but don't do anything in the center because there is more chance of getting hurt (if there is no adult around). If you try to break pointe shoes in with your hands you will end up wasting them and you'll have to spend 80 bucks on a new pair. Just try dancing in them first. You can also do your warm-ups at home at a dresser or something...

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    why would you do such a thing?

    OK, so wear at least two pairs of socks and wear the shoes in and around your house for a couple hours a day for a week to break them in. it's going to be very tight, but it should work.

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    I've read you can use the tip of a broom handle, and put pressure on it to open the tip up a bit. Don't know if it works though, haven't tried it. i've always put up with those damn blisters for a week or two...

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