What Cincinnati looks like? What fun ther besides ballpark?

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    cincinnati is beautiful. we have some of the most extraordinary history. i think its america's best kept secret. i live here and have taken courses on it.

    now some fun. there is a lot of that. well we have one of the best zoos in the world. Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Clifton.

    If you are coming in the fall, we have our Tall Stacks which is a once in a lifetime boating experience.

    Paramounts Kings Island is one thing you can not miss out on. Its a great amusement park. I'd rather go there than disney any day. Great rides, decent lines, shows, attractions, waterpark

    The Beach waterpark is also great., but PKI's is about the same so jsut spend the day there and dont waster your money

    We have the Kron Conservatory, Art Museum, Carew Tower (which is a great downtown attraction where you can shop and view the city from our tallest building)

    Bengals are also a plus if there is any way you can get tickets.

    good luck and have fun visiting. I love my city and bet you will too!

    Source(s): living here my whole life
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    You know I have to say Im from Taylor Mill Ky and I just got back from Florida and I have to agree with the other answers I spent a small fortune going to Florida this year and it never crossed my mind that I could have drove right across the bridge and enjoyed Cincinnati, theres so much to do here (between Kentucky and Ohio) There is the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens, Paramounts Kings Island, Newport Aquarium, The new dedication to the underground railroad is just as you cross over into OH, Newport on the levy for a variety of shopping and dining (also where Newport Aquarium is located) You can now even jump from the Purple People Bridge (they have sunset and sunrise jumps that are just beautiful) the horse parks in Ky are just beautiful (as the gentleman before stated) Theres a man made beach that is ALOT of fun called East Fork , the carriage rides are beautiful at night when you can see all of Cincinnati lit up, the Cathederal located on 12th and Madison is the most BEAUTIFUL church you will ever look at with their flower and plant garden and the stone Gargoyles perched atop the church its absolutely breathtaking. Thank you for reminding me how very beautiful Oh/Ky is hope you find it as beautiful as I do!!!! Oh and if you get a chance to ride up Madison check out Holmes High School which was actually a castle turned high school, it has underground tunnels that lead out into the Ohio River where the owner transported his goods from the river to his Castle. They have locked the doors that lead to the tunnels but they do still exist the school itself is a beauty.

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    My wife and I just spent a long weekend in Cincinnati. we love it.

    The negatives -- it is hot this time of year.

    The positives are many.

    If you are a baseball fan, this town is nuts about its Reds. The new ballpark is beautiful and with the Reds hall-of-fame and museum and the great food at the ballpark -- it is a fun evening.

    We stayed across the river in Covington and had a very nice room at the Marriott. Lots of fun things to do close by -- Newport at the Levee; the riverboats if your into gambling at all; take in a movie; eat; take a carraige ride -- we did all that.

    The person before mentioned the zoo. I am not a "zoo person" but my wife wanted to go -- it is great. I enjoyed it thoroughly. It is a great zoo and you will love being there.

    We've been to King's Island many times and it is fun if you are into that kind of thing.

    A nice day trip is to go to Lexington, Ky and see the horse farms. It is a short drive and pretty drive from Cincinnati.

    There are great restaurants in Cincinnati as well.

    WEe've stayed downtown before as well -- at the Westin. It is very nice and right in the heart of downtown. Lots going on -- although, I'm from Chicago -- so it was not Chicago -- both from a good and bad standpoint.

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    If you are at all interested in fine arts, especially music - symphony, Pops, opera - you must see a performance at Music Hall just outside of downtown. It is renowned as one of the most acoustically perfect halls in the Western Hemisphere and rivals the best venues in the world.

    The Cincinnati Museum Center, which is just a few blocks from Music Hall, is another great place to go. The building was constructed as a train depot, and is worth seeing for its design and the Art Deco decor alone. The Natural History Museum is there, and also the Cincinnati Historical Society Museum - you can learn all you want about the history of our fine city. I think that the Omnimax Theater is currently closed for renovations, though.

    Cincinnati has a fantastic art museum which is permanently free to all visitors, thanks to the gifts of some wealthy patrons. It's up on Mount Adams, just to the east of downtown. While you're up there, check out the view at Eden Park at the Reflecting Pond.

    There's plenty more to see in Cincinnati - it's a great place.

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    it sucks!

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