advice EMIDIATLY!?

i'm scared of everything!i'm scared like i'm thinking how will i die?when?can someone break in?will war come in u.s.a?will some one kill me or kidnap me?every time i think about it i get totally scared and feel like i'm gonna have a heart attack i want to tell my mom i want a therapist but it's embarissing to tell some one how i feel so i've never told anyone how i felt so what should i do?

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    You need to let your mom know. She cares about you and if she knows how much you need her help with this she will be there for you. If you don't know how to tell her then write a letter or note. Or you could print this out and leave it for her or just tell her that you need to talk to her but don't know how to tell her. If she does not understand or don't seem to think the problem is very serious, then talk to a school counselor or a relative like an aunt or cousin. You could also talk to a friend's mom. You do not want to miss out on life. There are scary things out there and bad things do happen, but they do not happen as much as the news will make you think. Best wishes -

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    Most likely you are experiencing panic attacks. If you've had any experience that made you really fearful (bad car accident, someone attacked you) etc., you could be experiencing the same health problem as soldiers who have been in the Middle East can develop, PTSS (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome).

    Don't even believe that the events you are experiencing are any where near may need a therapist but you also must first see your Doctor to help you begin to treat this syndrome.

    Panic attacks can be dealt with by prescribing medication to be taken when you feel an attack coming on. The Doctor can then also refer you to a therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist who can assist you further with this and begin to improve your quality of life.

    Don't ever feel that this problem is something you must hide away from...there is absolutely no reason to be embarrassed, ashamed or fearful of is something that can be treated sufficiently enough that you can overcome some, most or all of your anxieties and put them in a manageable perspective.

    Good luck and take care.

    Source(s): Oldest daughter suffers from Panic attacks, I suffer from PTSS
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    Right now, calm down, try to think of postive thoughts. Also, don't blame this on yourself. It might be an actual PHYSICAL problem. I'm not an expert in this field, so I've found a website that you might want to take a look at. See a doctor about this, or even a psychiatrist. I know it might sound silly now, but you might be very thankful for it later. At least give it a shot! Good luck!

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    Anxiety attacks. Tell your parents or a school counselor. You may be able to take meds and see a therapist to help you out.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): Personal exp.
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    I'm going to tell you something that someone once told me because I used to worry about similar things: If you spend your life worried all of the time about these things, how are you ever going to live happy? These are one of the things that you are ALLOWED to be naive about because nobody knows these things.

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    sounds like you are suffering from anxiety attacks. just go to your doctor and explain. everything will be okay, he/she will be able to help you with this. this is a very common thing. there are so many stresses in the world these days no wonder this problem is escalating, just go to your doc.

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    It's anxiety. You need to talk to a Dr. There are meds that can help you. Don't be embarrassed about talking to your Mom. Tell her you need some help.

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    relax and enjoy life or it will pass you by

    by the way find a dictionary

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    get a grip and then get a life and be happy your alive beeeccthh

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    one word comes to mind..FREAK

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