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when i enter a letter in my search bar a other word from previous look ups come up how do i erase this???

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    U can delete the history of search bar on ur homepage (whatever it is either Yahoo! or Google) by following this path. Tools> internet options> content> auto complete> clear forms. To stop the generation of history uncheck the box of forms.

    To delete address bar history, follow this path. Tools> internet options> general > clear history > set the number of days to zero> ok.

    U can delete the search history on ur yahoo toolbar this way. click the arrow in the search box. Select options, click clear history. Follow this path also. Pencil> toolbar options> uncheck the boxes of enable auto complete and enable history> ok.

    It will solve ur all search related problems.

  • Savage
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    if i understand you right. your wanting to delete the items searched on the yahoo search bar. If this is correct then follow these steps.

    1. on the right side of the search bar is a arrow to open a drop down menu. click that arrow.

    2. find the first item listed and without clicking the item, just glide your mouse pointer over the item, this should highlite it.

    3. go to your keyboard while the item is still highlighted and push delete. that item will delete and the next item will automatically take its place and highlight. in which case you will again push delete.

    4. as each item comes up and becomes lighted hit delete until all items are gone.

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