What if u have a male friend n he calls u but u have a longer conversation than him n his girlfriend ?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    it means u r one among the people who he is close too.....U are his good friend......psst trust me its good to be a guys close friend rather than be his girlfriend.....cos there is more trust and U can be urself...........Cherish this relation......Cheers..

  • 1 decade ago

    This can just mean that you and this male friend connects better than him and his girlfriend. Its like you guys are both on the same page. Some things that him and his girlfriend may talk about might be boring or him and his girlfriend might have a disagreement and she doesn't understand him, but you do. Sometimes when you are in a relationship, when it seems as if your partner doesn't understand you, you turn to someone who will.

    Not only that, but your conversations may be more interesting than him and his girlfriend. If these long conversations starts to turn flirty or he tries to make a move, then thats when it becomes a different story.

    Also, by you talking with him longer than him and his girlfriend, it may start to seem like something when its really nothing. You don't want to give him or his girlfirned the feeling that something is going on.

    Do you feel that you should cut back on the phone time so no one would get different ideas?

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