What are some of the basic things to know about a ferret?

I'm about to get a ferret as a pet.I have checked many sites and done research on them so I would know about taking care of them.Does anyone know anything that I should know about caring for a ferret?

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    Check out www.ferretcentral.org. Awesome ferret site! I used to breed ferrets and once had 10 of them. You must ferret-proof wherever they are allowed to roam. They love to chew up and eat soft things like foam, rubber, etc. Intestinal blockages are very common and they need surgery to remove them! Only chew-proof toys are allowed! Also, feed your ferret a ferret food like Marshalls. Cat food is not high enough in protein to keep your ferret healthy. They need very high protein. Ferrets cannot digest fiber, so NO fruit or vegies. Only treats made for ferrets. Give it something called Ferret Tone that you can buy at pet stores. It is good for their coats. Keep your ferret clean. Change it's bedding every day instead of bathing it a lot and this will keep the odor down. Ferrets digest their food in about 4 hours, so they poop a LOT. Keep their litter box very clean. DO NOT use scoopable cat litter....they will eat it and get intestinal blockages. Handle it gently every day and it will stay sweet and be a lot of fun. You should definitely take it to a vet that has a lot of experience with ferrets, as they need vaccines including rabies vaccine. The vet will check for intestinal parasites and ear mites. You can use cat Advantage for fleas if needed. There are certain diseases that older ferrets can get, so make sure you pick a vet that knows a lot about ferrets. Read everything you can to learn more! Good luck! :)

    Source(s): Cert. Vet Tech, former ferret breeder
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    ok i do ferret rescue and own ferrets have had them before they were even populor truth worst ferret food on market Marshals stay away buy your ferret a High protien food you can buy them kitten food they make it with enouph protien or a high protien ferret food, you can give them fuits as a small very small snack maybe once a day or a week.

    buy bedding or have old towels or shirt, pants love to hide in the legs for them to sleep mine love baby fleese blankets you can find them for a dollar in lot of dollar stores.

    a cage with a enough room for it to be confortable i herd some one once say a fish tank wanted to jump through my computer and smack them any way stay away from wire bottoms if you can if not cover the wire very bad for their feet.

    bath one a month or less if to much strips the oils and can cause them to smell. use a shampoo safe for ferrets when not bathing them they have dry shampoo i love this stuff it smell so good they also have a ferret spritz that you can use everyday.

    toys mine love my dogs toys i don't have nor have i ever had problems with any ferrets chewing so if you give them the right toys you shouldn't have any problems i let mine play with my dogs toys althought they really love to hide them i also have a box that is closed shut with a hole on one side and the other and some stuff for them to paly in i cover it and they love this.

    litter use a dust free little yesterday news is good i have found when traing a ferret shoe boxes work great cut the front and put them in the corner were you think they may go also you can tie them to the corner of the cage that may be a problem, when they get a corner they always go to then if you want to stop the box slowly do this by putting the box in a litter pan and then slowly get rid of the box you can get plenty of boxes at shoe store they willl be happy to give you some.

    vitomins ferretvite is good and they love it but you half to be carefull because to much is not good and sometime they like to run off with the bottle.

    health make sure you get a vet that is very knolageable of ferrets it dose not hurt to have the vet before you have the ferret.

    Make sure you take them to the vet at least once a year very importent when they hit 2.

    the room you keep them need to be ferret proofed they can get out and they are sneaky and will sneak out if your watching, they CAN NOT STAY IN A CAGE!!!!

    i think this is the start if you need more info please please e-mail me.

    Source(s): ferret owner and rescue.
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    I used to have 2 ferrets. (one died of old age and my X took the other) They can be lots of Fun, they have great personalities and can be very mischievous. They get into everything, which I think is part of the fun. The biggest issue I had was smell. Mine were both de scented but still had a musty odor. You need to keep on top of cleaning the litter box, washing their bedding material, and bathing the ferrets. They are really wonderful animals, but I think my dogs are less work! Have fun!

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    Ferrets are great pets. Remember if you get a female, you must have her spayed if you dont want to breed. If she does not breed after the first season she will get a form of aneamia and die. Its probably good to get your male neutered too - helps with aggression and smell. Make sure your house or enclosure is escape proof too and get yourself a ferret harness so you can take it for walks. Enjoy your pet!

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