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Do you think that we have soulmates while here on earth?

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    yes, i do believe in soulmates. i believe that there is someone out there in our future who will mean everything to us and we will mean everything to them. but i also believe that they will come at the right time in life. i thought i met my soulmate my freshman year of high school, but boy was i wrong... i just know there is the perfect mate for me out there, somewhere.

    Source(s): it was way to good to be true....
  • Most of us do. But that doesn't mean you'll ever find that person. To increase your odds, you need to:

    A. try.

    B. not take the first person who comes along, just because you're lonely or afraid you'll be alone. And,

    C. be of kind heart and have a good personality. Ugliness on the outside is tolerable, but inner ugliness is a guarantee of an unhappy life.

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    everything has an opposite! how truly blessed those are who find themselves in another. thats real love and something that will outlast eternity

  • yeah i do

    where u guys r so compatible

    u r one


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    yes :)

    good luck in finding yours :)

  • 1 decade ago

    yes i think we do

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