I need help with this...ladies and gents....?

I have been dating this guy for about a year. The other day he tells me some girls he knows invited him to a picnic...and they want to hook him up with a friend. he says he told them he was dating me....and they said bring her along. I said no way...he says he is still going....and I said I wish he would not....now he says I don't trust him...and he won't talk to me....and he says he needs time to be alone....by way....we are both in our 30's....do i give up...on him....I do love him alot

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    This is the incident that spotlighted what you both were ignoring--you are at a crossroads in the commitment level of your relationship.

    Sounds like you are in very different places--some time apart might determine if you are drawn back to each other, or if its time to move on.

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    Something smells fishy. Why would anyone go somewhere knowing that is a blind date when you already have a girlfriend? This doesn't not sit right, maybe it's time to let him go. Your only 30 still at your prime with all body parts working and looking there best. If he want to run the street let him and don't take him back. It's tough love but hay at 30 who has time for high school game. We trying to find a partner, it's best you see what he's made of now then when your married. I think it's time to move on and start a new chapter in your life. Be bless, and don't give it up to just anyone.

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    This sounds to me like some kind of game he's playing with you, the "old' I'm hurt now, cause you don't trust me" so that he can skate out of being called out on what he's being right now, and that is a real jerk!!! I'd use another word for him but hey, we'll keep it clean. Girlfriend, you sound like you handled the news of his (date) rather well,and if his response to your feelings on the issue are to go anyways, then he is not worthy of your loyal heart and or trust. Tell him he's right you don't trust him, not now that you see what a cad he really is, and tell him to have a nice picnic,and to make sure when he's on his date to mention the fact that his completely available now since he just lost his girlfriend. be tough and remember your not in the wrong, he is! His loss will be your gain, maybe not today but the day when you have a man that will not compromise your heart and love for him. hope this helps you feel empowered and reassured that if you tell him get on buddy' that you did the right thing.

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    i dont think you should give up on him. tell him how much you care and just say how you're just afraid something might happen with the girls. you know some girls can be all up on guys even when they have a girlfriend. i understand why you dont want to go but maybe you should let him go to the picnic if he truly loves you im sure he wont do anything and if he does tell you what happened. maybe you should invite him to a movie or something and tell him you can go that night or even after the picnic. that will show him that you do love him and trust him not to do anything even though deep down you may have doubts

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    well do you trust him??? Because if he is a truly good guy than he will go to this picnic but he will be going home to YOU at the end of the day. He told these girls he had a girlfriend so there you go problem solved. Ease up on him a bit...

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    Maybe you should try and explain that since these other girls want to try n hook him up with someone else that it makes you a bit unconfortable....... that they dont respect yours n his relationship and also why would he want to go if he knows the real reason why they want him to. Ask him if it was the other way around could he at least try n think how it would make him feel . Its not a matter of trust its a matter of respect of the other people doing such a thing .my opion ......Good Luck

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    It seems to me (and i'm no expert) that if he really cared about you he'd respect your wishes, and the fact that he doesn't really speaks volumes about how much he values you as a person. To give him some degree of credit though, it may seem to him paranoid that you don't want him around his friends, even when he told them that he was dating someone. If they invited you along, maybe it really was a friendly invitation.

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    I would go with him and hang all over him so other girls will get the picture that he is taken and if that doesn't work tell those home wreckers that he has syphilis, that usually works and who cares if only you know the truth. Besides, if he finds out and gets mad and dumps you then what you really are losing is a man that is willing to cheat on you.

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    That's strange, really strange.

    He still is interested in this hookup thing, then-

    maybe he wanted a threesome adventure with you and the other girl?

    Look, if he told you they want to "hook him up", and he is still going, then he must want to "hook up". Make him get his story straight.

    I say just go with him and make sure no funny business occurs. Being together is the best defense!

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    Ah...if only we could make men do what we want them to do. But, you never will, Sweeite. He's made the decision to not talk to you, so let it be. DO NOT start the begging & pleading game.You'll only end up making a fool of yourself. Stay confident. Stay cool. When/IF he come back, the it will be YOUR decisin, not his. Good luck to you!

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