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i really like my guy friend but i dont want to ruin our friendship but i want to make him want me.whatcanido?

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    Well he already likes something about you to be your friend.

    Is he a good friend, do you guys hang out alot?

    Does he know you like him?

    If he doesn't know let him know. Take a chance what can it hurt.

    How do you dress around him?

    Dress a little sexier. I'm not sure how old you are.

    Flirt with him.

    If you have a strong friendship that could be the beginning of a great relationship.

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    Thing is if he is your friend than i would keep it that way. there is a chance that he could be the one but it's a hard decision to make

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    you can only have one or the other. its not possible to have both unless your break up isnt bad. or you get married i guess. heh. it still wont be the same though. if you start going out or something.

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    i want to know the same thing.... so sry i cant help

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