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star trek 11?

what do u think would be good for the plot of star trek 11?

dont u agree doing a prequel is a bad bad idea?

and dont u think wrath of khan is still the best out of 10 so far?

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    Part of the current rumour mill is that Star Trek XI is going to be based on the Academy days of Kirk and Spock, with younger actors. They were considering this for Star Trek VI, but fan reaction shot that down. That actually cut short the original crew movies as if the academy story was allowed to be filmed there may have been several more films with the TOS cast.

    Prequels are not necessarily a bad thing, although I tend to not be as excited by them unless they are totally a different movie. I say let Paramount produce a prequel and see how audiences receive it. After all, it's their money.

    I do tend to agree that The Wrath of Khan is among the best, but several of the others have their strengths as well.

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    No, I think a prequel is a good idea, depending on the story and acting. But a sequeal based on Peter David's books, would be a better idea. A good plot, might be How and when James T. Kirk came to be put in command of the Enterpirse. Or even traveling back in time to the 1870s. Another good plot or idea would be, for the Enterprise or another ship and a star base are under attack by rengeade Klingons or even by the Breen and a federation ship thats' stuck in time travel mode, pops up and helps.

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    A prequel with the crew of the newer but cut short series with Scot Bakula (Enterprise) would be great! Thats what I am hoping for. Maybe do a run in with DATA, Picard or Worf for a tie in.

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    It is time to move the people of earth .

    And i liked the Voyage Home as well. It was refreshing.

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    not really

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