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what should i do before i move out with my boyfriend?

See here are the details next year in jan. my bf will be 18 and i will be 17 in may i was wondering you think its a good idea?

and 2.what should i do before moving out

additional information:also i have never lived without my parents and also my parents hate my bf and my bfs parents hate me but were great together and were still going to go to school and hes got a job and i'll be getting one. i guess what im really asking is CAN SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE ME ALL THE ADVICE THEY GOT FOR A SITUATION LIKE THIS!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!


i live in michigan and im pretty sure the age to move out is 17

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    It's a hard one to answer. Speaking from experience (I married when I was 18), I think it may be difficult for so many reasons, but that doesn't mean it won't work out. Reason #1..when looking at the big picture, you are both newbies when it comes to being an adult. Living with a person, even one you love, is not always easy. Everyone has different habits, different temperments, different little quirks that may or may not be easy for you to adjust to (and some things you might not want to adjust to or shouldn't adjust to). #2 Moving out on your own is a big responsibility and if you aren't financially ready and emotionally ready, it could cause friction in the relationship if you both aren't really committed to working out the problems (and we all have them!). #3 It is hard to focus on school when you have the added distraction of another person..a good distraction is still a distraction:). #4 Make sure you aren't rushing into one relationship just to get out of another (in other words..could you be anxious to get away from home?). #5 Most importantly, be true to yourself...answer this question in your own mind..not to someone else. Does this person treat you the way you would want someone to treat the most important person in your life? Imagine yourself twenty years from now and ask...would I want my daughter with a man just like him? If the answer is yes, then best of luck to you! There are no clear cut answers as far as what is right or wrong. Believe in yourself and be true to yourself and that should help you make the choice that is right for you!

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    Getting at the side of anybody you reside with has not anything to do with being married to them. If you reside with them earlier than marriage and matters do not determine, then you definitely might transfer out. You'll pay for containers and a uhaul truck and discover a further location to reside. If you progress in with anybody after marriage after which work out you can not stand them, you can must pay for the whole thing I recounted and a divorce legal professional. Either means, for those who transfer in with anybody and also you begin to wish out then that is what is going to occur. My godmother moved in along with her boyfriend of eleven years and so they lived in combination for three years earlier than they bought married. It all relies on the way you get at the side of the character day in and day trip. Either means, the influence will both be you're going to or may not. All the fine.

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    My advice:

    Moving in with your boyfriend is the worst possible thing you could do with your life right now (except for becoming pregnant), and no matter how much you think you want to, you're not ready, I can assure you.

    Another point to ponder:

    What is the age of consent your state? If you're under the age of consent and you're having sexual relations, he can go to jail. You'd have a hard time convincing a judge you're living with your boyfriend without having sexual relations.

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    It sounds like you are going to enroll in the school of hard knocks.

    Once you do your life will never be the same.

    At 61 years young I have seen this play out SO many times.

    Patience really is a virtue, so hang in there with your parents.

    They really do have your best interests at heart.

    Source(s): many trips around the block
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    Do you mean "move IN" with your boyfriend? This doesn't help much, but you're young, so brace yourself for your parents saying: "I TOLD YOU SO" in a couple of months. Just remember they want what's best for you.

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