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I'm wondering how someone knows there is no reincarnation if he/she has not died.?

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    That sounds kind of contradictory to me. If reincarnation exists, then everyone alive must have been reincarnated from another life. Unless you think that there is both reincarnation and also new souls appearing.

    I don't really get how reincarnation works if both of those things are going on. Does it mean some souls die and DON'T come back? Who decides and on what basis.

    I'm a Buddhist, and many people think that all Buddhists believe in reincarnation, but to me, that's just some kind of superstition that helps people deal with death. Nothing wrong with it if it helps face that scary thing... but I con't get how it works...

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    part of the rules of reincarnation is that you are compelled to forget your previous life, otherwise, what is the point? so you may have been reincarnated but simply do not remember.

    Perhaps the real reason they say it is not true is because they just do not like the idea?

    the early christian church had no problem with it, but it was dropped by the church for practical reasons of control of the masses. who will fear the consequences of a bad life if you get more chances? it must be one chance only to function as a good control mechanism.

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    I am a Tarot card apprentice

    I know when its a reincarnation

    I have a dog Name Silvia

    shes only 5 years old

    but i noticed something from Silvia i see a weird ghostly image in the mirror when its night time it looked like my best friend so i went to my Tarot cards and asked it if my friend is my dog Silvia and my percentage came out of 80% so i believe my dog is the reincarnation of my best friend

    but its okay not to believe me

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    They don't know. You can't really know or not's one of those unsolved mysteries for now.

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