What is the significance of Quetzylcoatyl in Meso-American mythology?

Seeking the religious and historical significance of this prominent archetype in Aztec culture, specifically as it relates to early Christianity.

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    Quetzalcoatl, their beloved god that taught them civilization, writing, agriculture, brought them corn, taught them peace instead of war, and to sacrifice flowers, butterflies, and birds to the gods instead of humans. He is said to have arrived on a boat without paddles coming from the east across the ocean. It is also said that he left the same way and in the same direction and promised to return some day. This was when he was beaten and exiled by another god.

    He is said to have been an extremely tall white man with a beard and traveled all over south, central, and North America but was called by different names by different people. The Mayans even have a tower of Babel story that is very similar to the biblical version. However, it is my understanding that these artifacts that depict and tell the story of Quetzalcoatl are a lot older and where around many many years before the birth of Jesus. I know a lot of people contribute this to him but I have read of theories that it was actually the Ancient Sumerian God, Eniki who was also referred to as a serpent, winged serpent and even as the god Oannes and Osiris in different cultures. The Egyptians have stories far older than the biblical stories about how Osiris, (who was bearded), took time off and traveled all over the world teaching peace, love, agriculture, writing, and civilization. These places included India, Persia, and the lands across the seas. After he did this he returned to Egypt.

    Many scholars have said that even the Egyptian mythologies seem to have originated from the ancient Sumerian clay tablets that were found 150 years ago, along with most other religions, and mythologies including parts of the bible. The Sumerians and Babylonians have the oldest existing documents on the planet and predate the oldest part of the bible by over 3000 years. Their accounts of the tower of Babel, the flood, and creation are eerily similar to the biblical stories. Many scholars have said that these biblical stories were taken from these older ones.

    Also, it has been proven that this Sumerian culture was the 1st civilization that sprung up over night from out of no where and spread to all parts of the world. Ancient’s religions, writings, and mythologies all over the planet seem to have origins in this culture. Many are now seriously considering the idea that a great advanced civilization was on earth many many thousands of years earlier that must have died out and maybe these stories are not mythology but actual history of the survivors of this civilization that tried to pass on knowledge to the ancients.

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    Quetzalcoatl is the figure I think you're refering to, and he was a god-figure in Middle America. Check my source link for the basic of the basic on this fella...but to be honest, the Meso-American faith system is pretty complex. There are MULTIPLE events of creation, rather than the singular rise of man, and these complex god stories weave in and out.

    The short answer is this: Quetzalcoatl is the god of human sustenance, penitent, self-sacrifice, re-birth and butterflies (a symbol of rebirth). Quetzalcoatl originated as a water god, but his pantheon eventually enveloped the aforementioned. He's what you could call a 'nice guy' in the Aztec pantheon.

    The long answer? He's not just a big feathered snake...he's a judge, a man-creator, and a ton of other facets that change throughout the legend of the god AND the personal history of the people who worshiped him.

    A great first link would be (See my second source reference) to how ol' Quetzy is referenced to many of the GEOGRAPHICAL points of the area, much how many of the rivers and landmasses in the world of early Christianity reflected in their texts.

    Beyond that, you'll have a hard time. These two cultures didn't really interact during their hight, excepting the introduction of Cortez into the area. And their cultural/spiritual views are far different. But I'm sure at least a compare/contrast is possible.

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    You'd find a lot more information if you spelled it correctly.


    There are some people who think Q was related in some way to Jesus, whether he was Jesus himself or one of his disciples. Personally I don't go for that. It's very egotistical to think that other cultures couldn't have come up with similar universal ideals without help from Jesus.

    You want to look at the "Secret Doctrine of Anahuac" and other publications by Samael Aun Weor (that is the correct spelling); a link to one is below.

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    he was like, the supreme god of the aztecs. his name means "feathered serpent". and aparently, you did not want to get in his way.

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