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Can anyone tell me hw the MLB playoffs works out?

Is it like the best 10 teams go to playoffs? ZI have no idea.

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    Two Leagues.

    3 Divisions in each league

    1 wild card in each league.

    The wild card winner has the best record of all 2nd place teams from each division.

    The team with the best record plays the wild card (unless they are from the same division. In which case, the team with the best record will play the other 1st place with the lesser record).

    That is called "The Divisional Series". That is best of fivee.

    The winners of The Divisional Series play for The League Championship Series. That is best of 7.

    The winners of The League Championship Series then play for

    The WORLD Series.

    That is the best of seven.

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    Whoever is the division winner will go to the playoffs, as well as one "wild card" team. The team with the overall best record that wouldn't normally be eligible for the playoffs, because they did not win their division. Eventually after the divisions are narrowed down the two leagues play National vs. American in the World Series. Whichever team has won the All Star game that year gets home field advantage for the first game of the World Series.

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    Each division winner and the best record among the non winners in each league go to the league playoffs. The best record plays the wild card team (unless they come from the same division) and the second and third best records play each other. The winners of each series play a second round with the winner of this set going on to the World Series with one team from the American and National leagues vying for the championship. The home field advantage in the World Series is currently determined by the league which wins the All Star game.

    Source(s): Actually it's the best eight teams.
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    There are 3 divisions in each league, the winner of each division gets into the playoffs, the there is a wild card in each league to even it out. In the wildcard the top team, excluding the division winners, gets through. That means 8 teams are in the playoffs, 4 from each league (AL & NL). The best record plays the winner of the wild card, unless they come from the same division, and the other two teams play each other. There are 3 rounds of the playoffs, The NL (or AL) DS (Division Series), where it is the best of 5. The 2 teams from each league that get through play each other in the NLCS (Championship Series) in a best of 7. The winners of each league play each other in the World Series in a best of 7.

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    Unless your team plays in either weak west divisions (both NL and AL) it will most likely take 100 wins to make the playoffs in the AL and in the NL a wild card spot will cost at least 90 wins.

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