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i want a baby with my friend but dont no haw to ask her?

i want a baby with my friend i dont no to ask her

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    When you can support her and a baby, buy an engagement ring, propose marriage. If she accepts, get married and then start having children.

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    There are so many things to consider when having a baby..

    Have you thought this out very carefully and thoroughly..

    I'm not sure your age.. or even whether you're employed..

    What ever happened to falling in love, becoming engaged, getting married..

    Just wanting to have child.. seems..

    are you sure you wouldn't rather have a dog? Seriously! Children take alot of energy, money, time, love, commitment.. ETC..

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    Why would you want a baby without a committed relationship? You need to realize that even under the best circumstances children are trouble with a CAPITAL T. As hard as it is to raise a child in a committed relationship, it is a zillionfold harder on your own. Don't do it, or you'll regret it.

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    if shes just a "friend" to you, you really need to consider the motives behind this wanting a baby. First i suggest dating, then if you hit things off date for a while, eventually get married then think about kids. until then go have fun, woe this woman, don't just assume that she will have your child just because you tell her 2.

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    First of all how old are you? And if you are old enough to have a child then you need to consider making sure you can take care of him or her. Once you figure all that out just tell your friend you want to talk about something serious with her.

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    OK.... here's a thought. First of all, decide if you love her. Then, if you do love her and want to spend the rest of your life with her, ask her to marry you. If she agree's, get married. Work hard, and get some money in the bank, And then think about having a child.

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    Sweetie, a baby links you FOR LIFE. If you do not respect her enough to be her husband or she doesn't respect you enough to be your wife, neither one of you have any business having a kid. Children are wonderful, but can be trying on any relationship that is not solid.

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    You just want a baby but no committments from your friend?

    Man, I really don't know how to answer that.

    Usually men propose marriage to women. In this case, you want your friend to become a babymaker.

    ....I'm speechless......

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    I'd wait to ask her LIKE WHEN UR MARRIED!!! but then again what do i kno about a 2 year old who need 2 learn to talk!

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    You don't.You ,...alone can't provide the family a baby needs.LITTLE ONE'S NEED A MOTHER AND A DATHER.(sorry for yelling)I came from a broken home, please don't start a child in a single parent home.

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