Theoreticly, in what form does matter exist within a black hole?

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    The matter inside a black hole isn't really "matter" anymore, per say - it's a singularity, a point of infinite density, infinte curvature of spacetime, and infinitely small. At this point, the known laws of physics break down, and the concept of time ceases to function.

    Everything that a black hole devours is compressed into this infinitely small point, and only escapes again as Hawking radiation (I've written about Hawking radiation on Yahoo! Answers once or twice before - if you're interested, search for it on here, or Google it, it's REALLY kinda nifty!).

    Black holes are not forgiving places, and if you ever have the misfortune of falling into one - well, may whichever Gods exist have mercy upon yourself.

    Hope this helps!

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    Theoretically.......subatomic particles, till they get near the singularity then they get shredded out of existence. Basically.... protons, neutrons, electrons, quarks, muons, mesons, W and Z particles, photons of varying intensity etc etc etc. Whatever enters a black hole and gets shredded due to its gravitational pull. Pulled apart into its constituent bits and pieces.

    The actual matter of the black hole itself no longer exists either. It disappeared the moment the singularity formed. All that's left is the "gravity shadow" of the original mass that was left after the supernova explosion and core collapse that created the hole.


    Astro....whilst your answer is correct, I think he was talking about what shape the matter's in before it gets to the singularity. It's still matter till it gets there:):)

    Also, supermassive black holes aren't so nasty. Remember, the gravitational forces in these black holes are quite mild until you approach the singularity. At the event horizon, they're much less than 1g and still much less till you almost get on top of the singularity.....then they go right off the scale:):)

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    A black hole is a vacuuming of tremendous suction

    it has been known to suck in whole planets, stars and asteroids.

    Has no resistance so it goes at tremendous speeds and throws it out the other end. One day may be vital to space travel.

    You wouldn't have to built it to carry you there.

    Only to withstand the pressure of the vacuum and throw you out where you want to go. Make the long distances between planets much shorter.

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    No one knows..


    I believe that all the molecules & atoms of material drawn into

    the black hole has been crushed down into a solid mass of particles. No electrons orbiting nuclei..Just densely packed particles....Everything is crushed down to its ultimate density.

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    It has spin and mass.

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