Halo 3 or Halo the movie on Feb 8th 2007?

Halo 3 or Halo the movie on Feb 8th 2007?

Upon completion of Halo 2 on legendary a date is displayed...What is it for the game or movie or something else?


Yes, i have seen it and yes i have completed the entire game on the highest difficulty

Update 2:

yes I saw the date, yes I beat the game, yes it is possible for them to decide a pre-launch date for something, Halo 3 does not seem likely to be done by that point, halo the movie could be possible, or something else. Never the less the date is there for a reason. I have known they were making a halo movie since shortly after the first appearances of halo 2 at e3.

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Common sense, they wouldn't put that date there unless it meant something.


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    As of right now, that date has not been proven to be of any significance. But I can tell you this, the halo movie wont come out then. Because they are getting someone new to write the Halo Movie script. So production hasn't started yet.

    But Halo 3 is possible, but very unlikely. Halo 3's production was started on the release of Halo 2. But based on the pattern they have for their games. I wiould expect Halo 3 to come out around Nov. 9, 2007.

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    in my opinion, i could opt for Halo 3 for the internet multiplayer adventure. the internet is surprising, and the marketing campaign is fairly lengthy. Multiplayer can nonetheless be performed domestically with as a lot as 4 gamers. ODST is better of a standalone offshoot of the Halo universe, and the in easy words on-line able phase is Firefight, that you'll in easy words play privately. For those motives i could opt for Halo 3, and get ODST afterwards.

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    jeez. it was not for the game or movie. halo 3 wasnt even started then and the halo movie wasnt announced or even though possible upon the date of halo 2's launch. i have never seen this at the end of halo. have you seen it yourself? if not its probably bull. check out www.highimpacthalo.org. register and ask the qeustion there. trust me if its exists in halo it will be there, and if someone knows it, they will be there

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