Why it's very easy to Christians to have sex before marriage or to drink alcohol?

Both Islam and Christianity refuse these things,,but why it's very easy and common to the Christians to have sex before marriage or to drink alcohol (for example)?and Muslims doesn't???i.e. why doesn't Christians obey their religion like we do??i'm serious by my question and i'm talking about an obvious phenomenon and i'm not trying to offend anybody

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    I'm a Christian and I have never had a drink of alcohol and I have not had sex. But is it common? Yes. In the case of alcohol, the Bible says not to be a drunkard, but really doesn't say not to drink. There is a big difference between having a drink and being drunk. As for sex before marriage, the Bible clear.. it's a sin, and I myself have always wondered why people over look it. (other than the obvious.)

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    I think the restrictions you mentioned came from the Old Testament, or Torah. Orthodox Jews still follow those very closely, like Orthodox Muslims. I think Orthodox Christians (observant Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, etc.) also observe most of those tenants.

    However, Jesus changed the playing field by focusing on our personal relationship with God and with Him. He said that what you say will defile you, not what you eat. He also said the most important Commandent were to love God.

    Over the 2,000 years since He lived, the world has changed. Modern religions changed too. We no longer live in the same place, and societal mores changed too, until we get what we have today.

    I believe that Western society has probably gone a little too far, but still, we don't stick to logic that only worked 2,000 years ago. We don't stone people in public squares, and slaughter animals ritualistically. That time is long gone for modern people.

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    Because the ones who don't do what they were taught usually have enough money to afford condoms and birth control pills.

    Also, the Bible doesn't condemn alcohol. It condemns drunkenness. There's a big difference.

    Maybe Christians do what they do just so people like you can feel as if God likes you more than Christians. It's a great way to reinforce the arrogant belief that YOUR religion is better than all others.

    I'll be back later. I have to go take a massive dump. Say hi to your sister for me.

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    How many examples do you have?

    Phenomenon, dare say not.

    Muslims do drink, oh yes. The business world is filled with them.

    There are Muslims who DO NOT follow their religion to a tee.

    I have not seen into the bedrooms of Christians before marriage as you have, but I think that may be sarcasm.

    Common to drink, yes but not to excess.

    If you are trying to say Muslims are better at religion than Christians, I think you had better look into a mirror first.

    Let He who cast the first stone be without sin......

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    the bottom line is American christians anyway, have gotten away from their beliefs and we are a nation living in fornication ... its become so common that people dont even consider it wrong anymore , but it does have major negative impact on society whether we realize it or not ...so why? they are sinning if they do ... alot of true Christians hold onto their beliefs still so dont accuse everyone either. as far as alcohol goes most Christians do not consider moderate drinking to be a sin ... and our bible bears this out from examples of almost every patriarch drinking to Jesus Himself drinking wine at dinner. Just dont be a drunk is our belief.

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    I am Muslim and sadly to say I have wittnessed my brothers & sisters doing the same. Admittedly Christians do this far more than Muslims do because they believe that "once saved always saved" aND that seems to be a liscense for immoral behavior. There is no religion in which all follow the rules.

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    It has nothing to do with culture that the Christians are having pre-marital sex. It is written in the bible that we shall not behave in any sexually immoral behavior and this includes premarital sex. God gave us a choice but men decide to go against His commands that's why it is called SIN.

    Christians are allowed to drink alcohol but "they musn't get drunk on wine".

    Ultimately, it is a choice given to us BUT when men chose to disobey God, they fall out and have to be responsible from the outcome.

    I hope this helps to clarify some things.

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    Chritianity has been molded to fit the lives of people, not people to fit the mold of christianity. Not all Christians are without integrity, but most want the security of feeling like they are forgiven for whatever they do, without having to put honest effort into living life the way God wants them to. Most people who profess to be Christian look at their religion as something inherited, and not chosen, such as nationality or skin color, and therefore are only nominally religious. However, I do want to correct you view that Chritianity does not refuse alcohol, for even Christ used wine for both solemn and happy occasions. It is the overuse which is looked down upon.

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    Christianity doesn't refuse alcohol. The bible says that Jesus was a winemaker.

    I agree with part of your sentiment, though. People who will do the right thing only because they are promised a reward, such as heaven, will always stray if presented with a more immediate reward. True of Christians, true of Muslims, true of everyone.

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    Simply put, Jesus said that it was harder for a rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven than it was for a camel to craw through the eye of a needle.

    Most Christians were raised in relative wealth (Western Countries are rich), so we have a lot of temptation. It is hard for a rich person to exercise self-control, because he never has had to (he can buy anything he wants anytime that he wants).

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