What is Isorast?

Any information on this ICF building system. Experience, price / value, where to get?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Isorast 2000 - Hurricane and Earthquake Resistant EPS Building System. World leading insulation, patented foor - ceiling system

    Benefits of the Isorast 2000 EPS Building System:

    World leading insulation ( 37 to R 91 )

    Quality of structure assured by award winning German Engineering. Resists moisture, rot, insects and deterioration over time.

    Superior sound dampening qualities accommodate acoustic requirements. Great tensile strength and resistance to shearing.

    Unlimited architectural design, up to 10 stories. Easy to use, easy to understand. The best product for do-it-yourself market.

    Inert, non toxic building material. Environmentally safe. Conserves energy.

    Reduces labor time and cost. Easiest method of pouring concrete. Incredible overall speed of construction. Longevity of building. Light weight of building materials.

    Superior stability of structure in hurricane force winds. Flood waters do not penetrate Styropor polysturene interior or exterior walls. Easily strengthened for earthquake zones.

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    Isorast 2000:

    Styropor has been a renowned brand name for efficient thermal insulation for decades. But even a classic makes progress. The outcome of intense research is Neopor, the silver-grey counterpart to white Styropor foam.

    ISORAST blocks are hollow elements made from Neopor of the German multinational BASF.

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    They make hurricane and earthquake resistant building materials. Their site is listed as a source, can probably contact them through the site to find prices and where you can purchase the materials.

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