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Knitting Small Aperatures?

What type of needles can knit small aperatures like the top of a hat, or a sock Cuff. I tried circular needles but the tube is too long for a cast on of 40 stitches. I tried 4 double pointed needles, but that got all tangled up when I divded the stitches. Please help if you know how to knit small circled areas.. Thanks!

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    If you don't like using double pointed needles for knitting small circumferences, you can use 2 circular needles or just one long circular needle with a very flexible cable. The method using one circular needle is often referred to as Magic Loop.

    URLs for both techniques are listed below.

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    There are shorter doublepointed needles made just for socks and just this sort of thing. They are a little harder to find, but you can get them. Ask at your knitting store and maybe they can special order them. Also, here is another tip: if you have been trying to knit with metal or plastic dp needles, I found them way too heavy and/or slippery for knitting. Try using wood or bamboo needles and wool yarn, not acrylic. I could never knit in the round until I used wood needles. They are light enough and the wool "catches" enough to hang well when you are knitting in the round. And as you get closer to the top or end, go down to three needles instead of 4.

    Another idea would be to go to a crochet hook as you get down to the end, and crochet the last bits.

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    double pointed needles.

    You'll need at least 4, and sometimes 5 to do this.

    You knit in the round like for circular needles, but you divide your stitches between 3 or 4 double pointed needles and then knit each section with the open spare.

    This is how knitters make socks, glove fingers, and a lot of other goodies.

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    i don't be responsive to that it fairly concerns. I found out to knit on small pencils, appropriate to the size of a No. 8 needle, whilst i became interior the 0.33 grade. I propose you initiate with the No. 8 or 9 needles and do basically a small sampler. Knitting can each so often be swifter than crocheting, it fairly relies upon on what you're making. basically like with crocheting you opt for for to objective to maintain your tension even. you need to prepare casting on some cases before you initiate working on your sampler. Having your solid on even is significant in knitting. Do a pair of samplers and consider out some distinctive trend stitches. as quickly as you experience gentle with coping with the needles and the completed technique then you fairly can pass directly to creating something. initiate with a vest or hat, something basic. study contained in the direction of the learning thoroughly before commencing. My final significant tip is don't be afraid to tear something out while you're making a mistake. i've got been knitting for quite a few years and nonetheless ought to rip issues out. it is in basic terms area of the approach. good luck and experience.

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    Double-pointed needles would be your best bet. They may seem a little intimidating, but you will be suprised how quickly it goes!

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