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How much time do I have left?

I'm 28, and have no children. I DEFINITELY want children before I get too old. I know that the older I get the greater health risk it is to have them. After what age does it become too risky? I am a very healthy woman. I don't drink or smoke, and have good genes :)


I'm not actually trying to concieve now. In fact I'm recently divorced after 8 years (and single). I'm enjoying my freedom, and don't plan on rushing into any new relationships any time soon. I think I'm going to enjoy life for a while, explore a little, and see where I end up. I dream a lot about having children, I always have my whole life. According to my family genetics, I'll have no problem getting pregnant when I decide it's time. I'm just concerned because my biological clock is screaming at me. Thanks to everyone for sharing your thoughts. It sounds like the consensus thus far is that I still have a few more years to figure things out for myself before settling down. Thanks everyone!

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    I believe that drs. consider you to be "higher-risk" at 35 and will recommend you have an amniocentesis to determine if there are any problems. I can't answer when it becomes "too risky" as many women have children at 40 or even 45. The risk of issues like Down Syndrome increases as you get older as does the "risk" of multiples. I myself have known a number of women who have gotten pregnant at 40 and have had perfectly healthy children. I also have a friend who is 39 and is 7 months pregnant with a perfectly healthy baby girl (she's had an amnio to make sure everything's okay). Today, women are waiting longer and longer to have babies, so I imagine that 28-30 is considered "average" and definitely not "old". If you're 35 or older when you get pregnant, you'll just have to be monitored more closely.

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    Fertility starts dropping slightly after 25, more so after 30, and begins falling significantly every year after 35.

    While the risks of birth defects etc raise, the main risk is that you simply won't be able to have children. While many women do have children in their 40's, most are unable too. 30-35 the majority of women are quite fertile, its between 35 and 40 that most see a big drop.

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    I had my first at 34. We are now TTC #2. I am 36.

    After age 35 you fall into the "advanced maternal age". I know I have a higher risk of having a child with a disability, but realistically speaking for me the risk is still less than 1%.

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    All the others are right. At 35 you are monitored more closely. However, I am seeing a fertility doc again and he has told me that the older you get, the older your eggs get and that's why there are more birth defects. It's also why it can be more difficult to get preg. Don't worry though - lots of people get preg at a much older age... Look at Hollywood!

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    I think it becomes risky 35+ but there are women that still get pregnant even at 40 ..

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    your young very young dont worry you have plenty of time although the best time to have a child(s) is before you are 35 but lots of ppl do it way way after and it ccomes out great

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    I think that 34 is when the doctors monitor you a little closer. You still have time, good luck.

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    35 is when the doctors will monitor you closely and run test that younger women do not have to have. i would start geting busy trying because it might take awhile trying to conceive. good luck!

  • i reckon you should just keep trying. i know after the age of 32 it does get hard to concieve.

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    you csnt really predict when youll get pregnant you just have to wait until god feels its time for you to have a baby.

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