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what is the cd key for return to castle wolfenstein?


i have the damn thing! and how is it illegal? just take me to a website if it makes you feel any happier!

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    I didn't know that Wolf3d is not freeware. I thought people could legally download the full-size shareware versions (which is just freeware with nag screens) and STILL be able to download the free add-ons that go with the sharewares, including Spear of Destiny. Check again, so you don't end up buying something you can legally get for free.

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    Uhh, you realize that the question you just posted is kinda illegal?

    That's pirating, big guy. I mean, it's not like I'm from the ELSPA or anything, but posting a question like that on the internet... Dude, you're asking for it.

    Anyway, there are many, many CD keys for RtCW, not just one. And no, they're not randomly generated. Some programs automatically notify their parent company of repeated attempts to "hack" an authentification key - so yeah, not a good bet to try that one, either.

    Just buy the damn thing, it's legal that way.

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    how is it illegal if i bought it already but lost the cd case?

  • 1 decade ago

    buy a copy and find out

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    ROTFL! Can we say, "Illegal"?

  • 1 decade ago has it.

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