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does anyone know what i should feed my duck?

Any help is welcome

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    Nutrient requirements of ducks. Ducks require the same nutrients as chickens, but in slightly different amounts, and particularly in terms of the ratio of each nutrient to the energy concentration of the diet. Suggested nutrient levels for complete duck rations are listed in Tables 1a and 1b. These levels are set high enough to meet the requirements of all breeds of domestic ducks. Requirements more closely tailored to each particular breed are available, and are usually preferred by commercial duck producers. Because correct nutrient levels for a particular ration depend on the energy level of that ration (ducks eat progressively more feed as the energy level is lowered and progressively less as it is raised), nutrient requirements are listed in the tables in reference to a particular energy level. For each type of ration, requirements for a high and a low energy ration are given. Requirements for rations with energy levels different from those listed in the tables, can be calculated using the nutrient/energy ratios in the tables. Examples of complete duck rations are listed in Tables 2a and 2b.

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    Go to a feed store and get a bag of scratch (cracked grains) and a bag of unmedicated poultry feed (Purina Layena, Mazuri Waterfowl Feed, Purina Flock Raiser, or any Turkey and Game Bird Feed). They come in crumbles or pellets. Most people recommend crumbles but it probably won't matter much.

    The important thing to look for is the protein level; it should be 14% to 16%. Also get a bag of grit. Ducks need it to grind their food. Mix the scratch and feed about half and half and keep it and water available to the duck all day (night is optional).

    If you can't find any local feed stores, you can try something online.

    But if your duck is hungry... you may not have enough time to go out and get food for it. Give it some lettuce, dry dog or cat food (crush large chunks), spinach, canned vegetables (mixed, corn, peas, green beans), good grain cereals like Cheerios, dandelion greens, worms, crickets or bread. Bread is not a good diet, but if you have nothing else, give small pieces…whole wheat is best.

    Hope that helps.

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    Check out this website. It lists what to feed pet ducks.

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    You can but duck food that has all the recommended nutrients in it. Most town have a feed and seed store, you will find it there.

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    If it is under 10 weeks old feed it unmedicated poultry food (chick food is fine). It must ben unmedicated though. After that go to your local feed store and ask there. They should have some duck food. You can also feed it hen scratch if you need food right away.

    Source(s): I have a duck named Dirk.
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    How old is it?Dcks under 30 days can be feed duck mash or NON MEDICATED chicken feed.After that cracked corn , they also eat snails worms and other lovelies.Don't give them bread or seeds,bread will make them not eat what they should and seeds are bad for there tummies.

    Source(s): I got a duck.
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    Growing up we had ducks. They went crazy over watermellon & other mellon rinds and would peck them to death.

    I knew a woman with a bird sanctuary and she fed her ducks all sorts of fruits and vegetables, including corn husks! Ducks eat just about anything and are not carnivorous.

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    Duck Food... or chicken food its same **** jsut smaller grains. Go to TSC or whatever palce sells chicken food they will sell duck food too. if u cant get duck food chicken food is the exact same thing

    Source(s): I got ducks and chickens
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    you can buy duck feed. you may even be able to get it at the pet store or a local plant nursery. they will also eat wax worms or meal worms.

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    Let it forage, They like lettuce, bread, worms, ... and duck feed. You can get it at your local feed supply store.

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