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Why are people who are Jewish and people who are Muslim making war with another, Abraham weeps?

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    All males fight. Even in the animal kingdom.

    They just change their cause.

    Maybe if we neuter them at six months old, it will tame them down a bit. And I mean homo sapiens too!

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    Abraham weeps over His children. Not all muslims are Abrahams descendents though. Muslims are people of a religion & faith in a different God than the God of Abraham.

    Abrahams children are Ishmael (promised to be a great nation) & Issac (Jacob/Israel & Esau/Edom). After Sara passed away, Abraham had a new wife & bore children from her also.

    Jesus Christ, Yeshua Messiah is Jewish (Lion of Juda) & He shall save His people. This is through spiritual birth, where people from all nations are adopted into His family, by being born of God. This makes Christians children of Abraham too (by adoption). Christians have the same God of Abraham.

    Source(s): Bible God
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    Yes Jewish people and Muslim especially Palestine are always making war.Palestine claimed that Israelis country belong to them.Israelis made their country with the support of USA and Uk after World War II.Before that time Israelis had no country.They were dispersed around the world.because before Christ our God got angry to them.They did not want to believe one God concept and they killed the prophets as messenger of Allah.Actually Jewis and Arab people are brothers and sisters if we think that they are as descendent of Abraham or Ibrahim prophet..Abraham will weep if he knew that his descendent quarrelled like cat and dog.Other muslim in other country support the existence of the country of Palestine.They give solidarity to their brothers and sisters in Palestine who are always pressed on by Israelis.Israelis supported by USA,do no want Palestine becomes a strong country. so they make difficulties to a new born country...The new harder government of Palestine than before have no support of their neighbours.Israelis have ill intention.Israelis had invaded part of Egypt,Lebanon and Jordania countries since the war in 1967.After some ten years of occupation,they released the invaded some part not all regions of their neighbours countries,but they have not a good neighbour policy.

    They are always curious and prejudice or suspicion what the ac

    tivities ocurred in the border of their neighbours.So there are always tension. and friction with their neighbours.The Israelis are so pride of themselves and conceited.They feel they are much stronger than their neigbour countries..They attacked Jordania because they are disturbed by Hisbullah guerillas, who has a hard policy against with Israelis.

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    Such divisions arose, the Qur'an points out, because of undue selfishness, transgression, aggression and mutual jealousy (al-Baqarah 2:213; Al 'Imran 3:19).

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    No. The people Israel is at war with now are the people God told them about 6,000 years ago to kill all of them. They didn't at the time and look at the mess now. Lesson: obey God.

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    Because God warned that nation would rise against nation. There is alot more fun stuff to learn in the Bible too.

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    Because neither of them follows their Books. Quien es mas macho?

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