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Custom gaming pc?

Could anyone tell me any sites or give me any tips on how to create a gaming pc? Plus I would like to know where a teen can work(i'm 16) in order to get enough money.


I already know about alienware but I want to be different. I want to customize it on my own.

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    Well, first off, you can work anywhere that will let you work after school. Most people your age work in restaurants, stores, Blockbuster, etc.

    To find out how to build your own computer, use this site: But, a really good place to start is these two sites: and http://http//

    Don't start asking dumb questions immediately. Just read the forums for a few weeks, you'd be surprised at what you'll learn. Then, when you ask a question, it will make alot more sense and you'll be able to understand the answers, since you'll use and understand the correct terms. Good luck, I was where you are, in 1990, but I didn't have the internet to help me out!

    Source(s): 26 years of owning computers, 16 years of building them.
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