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Is yogurt good for u and why?

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    Yes and no. Are you lactose tolerant? then OK

    Do you like the fruit at the bottom or stirred?

    Do you care about the sugar content? Then read the labels.

    some are naturally flavoured with fruit puree. I like these the best.

    As for nutrition... the helpful bacteria such acidophilus and binifidera

    are really helpful in dairy digestion. Remember to eat lots of it after you take anitbiotics, cause the drug usually kills most of them too.

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    Here are like 10 reasons yogurt is good for you.....just to name a few:

    It is easier to digest then milk

    It contributes to colon health

    Yogurt improves the bioavailability of other nutrients.

    Yogurt can boost immunity.

    Yogurt aids healing after intestinal infections

    Yogurt can decrease yeast infections.

    Yogurt is a rich source of calcium.

    Yogurt is an excellent source of protein.

    Yogurt can lower cholesterol.

    Yogurt is a "grow food." meaning Two nutritional properties of yogurt may help children with intestinal absorption problems grow: the easier digestibility of the proteins and the fact that the lactic acid in yogurt increases the absorption of minerals. And even most picky-eaters will eat yogurt in dips and smoothies and as a topping.

    Source(s): The list goes on but I will stop with these.... Yogurt is very, very good for you, so eat as much as you want.
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    i heard bout and then tasted a yogurt called activi its supposed to help u lik after u eat a lot of junk food and u feel bloeated its supposed to naturally help regulate ure digestive system well mayb u should try it cuz it tastes pretty good

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    The alive kind is especially good for you. It has Acidophillus biffidus and other good things. Maintains good intestinal flora and prevents yeast infections and other unhealthy and annoying things. Also, yogurt has milk for calcium. Low calories and low fat , especially the non fat kind.

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    Yes because it has natural emzymes that help with digestion. It's also high in calcium and protein.

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    get the kind with active live cultures-it helps prevent yeast infections by restoring what is like "good bacteria"

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    Yes. It helps you lose weight and it has enzymes that are helpful for digestion.

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    The yeast cultures in it help you digest.

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    yes, I believe it has certain bacteria in it (good bacteria) that helps your digestion and things like that

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    It is because it is part of the dairy group and fruit group.

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