Anyone ever end up with someone who isn't their type at all?

There is this guy that is interested in me. We don't know each other too well at this point. Haven't even gone on a date yet, he has just mentioned hanging out and he emails me asking questions about me and stuff. So anyways...he seems nice so far. But physically, he isn't my type at all. He looks good, don't get me wrong. But he's the built, bad boy type of look. I usually go for lanky guys with more of a hippy flare, like into art or plays music or whatever. And I wouldn't think I would be his type either. So my point is...has anyone ever ended up having a long relationship with someone who is opposite of what they usually like? How'd it work out? Should I give him a chance or just continue to look for my type?

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    Hey, Just you. It's pretty cool cause you kinda described me there, physically. It's cool to hear you say how you feel, sincerely hope my girlfriend feels the same way too :) !

    I think if you turn out to like the guy, there's no reason at all to turn him away just because of his body type. Just like if some girls disliked your preferred kinda guy down because he wasn't 'buff' enough. You know?

    So if the guy is sweet, and you like him, regardless of body Then go for it. Just don't make him less of a person in you eyes, especially since he has looked past his own stereotypical body type for you. Looks shouldn't be a huge factor when it comes to feelings and love.

    Hope that helps! You seem like a cool girl.

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    I think you should give him a chance. Dont miss out on your chance because its not packaged the way you expect it. So give this man a chance. Get to know him very good and see if he is boyfriend material... Go for it!! you never know !! :-) GOod Luck!

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    for your question there are people ends up with the person they dont like you have yo give the guy a chance to know him better how would you know if you dont. try then change him if he like you very much he'll change he's style of living and if he fails to prove that he like you then forget about him.

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    you're too young to know what your type is......maybe at 30 you will find out.

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