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Root Canal?

is it true that the tooth where u do a root canal will eventually with time have to be pulled out?

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    A root canal is an attempt to save a compromised tooth. Sometimes they fail and the tooth is lost.

    However, if a crown and post-buildup is placed onto the treated tooth, it has a good chance of lasting a long time. The post gives the tooth stability and the crown protects and strengthens it.

    Left unfinished, a root-canal treated tooth will become brittle and eventually break.

    Missing teeth cause problems in your mouth. It's better to save them than to pull them, if at all possible.

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    No, not necessarily if you put a crown on the root canal tooth to give it support, because the tooth is dead and more brittle and can break, split all those things that would cause you to have to have the tooth pulled. So with a crown and regular check-ups there is no reason why you shouldn't keep the tooth for a very long time.

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    I usually consider root canal treatment to be a life-time fix and most of the time, it is - IF!!! IF you get the treatment completed and then follow through with your dentist's restorative recommendation. Most back teeth should have crowns placed once they have had root canal treatment.

    I have many patients in my practice who had root canal treatments done by my dad before I even became a dentist - 30 years ago - and they still have those teeth.

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    in some cases no... but most cases eventually it will have to be given a crown, because all in all that tooth has no nerves, which means it's dead and the hole they drill into it to get the nerves out gets filled with filling and usually it is temporary until you get a crown on it.

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    Not necessarily. But most likely you will need a crown every few years.

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    i have never heard that, but it may be true, ask your dentist

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