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Is there a website where I can study at?

I am going to the 8th grade. I want to start studing early to get a head start when school begins. Where is a website that will show me 8th grade material to study?

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    This is a pretty general question. First, you need to know what the focus is of the curricula in your particular school. Most schools teach American history in 8th grade (usually from the Reconstruction period to the present time), and either earth or biological sciences. Math depends on your level of skill...... some students are placed in regular 8th grade math, others take pre-algebra, and yet others are accelerated enough to take a high school level algebra course. As for literature....... you should ask which novels will be read in 8th grade. Some examples are Animal Farm and Red Badge of Courage.

    I admire your proactive approach to your own education. You are to be commended for taking some initiative and interest. Good luck to you!

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