How do you know if you're in love?

I really don't understand it. What does it feel like and how do you know if it's there. What are some things that are signals of it..... i'm more that confused.

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    Okay, just between you and me. You will never feel love for "tallguy 1005." And if you think do, that's NOT love.

    I'm kidding of course.

    How do you know you're in love?

    Here are just some of the indications.

    1) They are willing to be open about your close relationship with all of the people close to them.

    2) You both do uncommon, and very helpful things for each other.

    3) You get nauseated at the thought of losing their company.

    4) You are kind to each other.

    5) You help each other achieve both your common and independent goals.

    6) You will have strong emotions, but strong emotions are not enough to tell you whether you are in a lasting and healthy love. You can have strong emotions and attraction to things that are bad for you also.

    "Love" can be defined in so many ways. So your question is open to many answers. I've tried to give some indicators for healthy, long term love.

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    you will send me flowers

    and buy me a new car

    thats love baby

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