Aerial photo??

Anybody know something about aerial photo. Perhap some journal could be nice. Anything...


I want to know the detail proses, factor etc...

or any research about it.

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    Usually an airplane - though satellite images are becoming more common - flies over an area, taking pictures of the same location. For stereophoto's they do this twice - the second from slightly different angles.

    These will help you.

    This one is good too, but you have to read down the web page a bit before you get to the information you want.

    I use a couple of web sites in my classes for aerial photo's and topographic maps:

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    Aerial photos are taken at a specific height, i believe near 14000 ft? The plane travels at a specific speed, and takes photos in equal time increments. Then with a stereoscope, you can look at a 3d image of the earth's surface for an area.

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    I really don't know anything about how to make it happen BUT!! My cousin has the best aerial photo of the house he built (with his own hands) and the land around it! It is beautiful!

    It's not what you wanted but I had to tell you it is worth it, if you are the photographer or the buyer.

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    what kind of stuff are you wanting to know? You can go to places like and SEE aerial photos. Are you wanting to know how they are processed or photographed?

    Hard to answer a question that is clear....

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  • Linda
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    I'm not sure what it is you are searching for. You can get aerial photos online if that is what you want.

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    different view point. need to be high up to get it. plane, space, tall skyscraper. there was a website that could give you an aerial of any street in the US. forgot it though. sorry. could have been google. good luck.

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    Check out google earth

  • 1 decade ago

    Try Earth/Google or TerraServer they both have good areial photos.

  • Guzzy
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    1 decade ago


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