Where does Mel Gibson rank on your list of favorite Hollywood drunks?

He's right up there with Nick Nolte for me. I want to party with those cowboys!

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    This is the way I see it and what do I know?

    1. www.ayntk.blogspot.com

    2. Gary Busey

    3. Nick Nolte

    4. Mel Gibson

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    Mel is so much better an actor than Nick Nolte.

    Celeberties are human beings and make mistakes too.

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    Oh, boo hoo, Mel is a human being and makes mistakes too...

    Hey, when you have publiscist and make hundreds of millions of dollars and pay people to SPLASH your name everywhere, your NAME IS UP FOR GRABS WHEN YOU MAKE AN AS* OF YOURSELF! If you want privacy, don't be a MOVIE STAR. Mel Gibson KNOWS how the game is played and isn't stupid, he knows what he did was wrong and should have kept his mouth shut, be he DIDN'T.

    It's open season on Gibson or should be.

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  • LaRue
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    1 decade ago

    Inside Edition showed photos of him in the bar before he was arrested. He was very drunk and he looked to be a mess. He was driving at 87 mph when he was stopped. He is lucky that he didn't roll the car.

    As far as where he is on my list of favourite Hollywood drunks, I don't have fave drunks, but he is doing a very good at showing how immature and obnoxious he is.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Mel Gibson is a disgraced. He call himself making a movie, The Passion of Christ. He should be an example to the drunken dudes. But now we see he is one of them.

  • 1 decade ago

    Get the hell over Mel. If people would raise this much hell over the trillions of drunks around the world, maybe there would not be as many DEATHS!

  • 1 decade ago

    He is at the top of my list #1

  • 1 decade ago

    I like Mel Gibson, his mug shot was pretty funny looking though.

  • WAY...after Mr. Hotty Colin Farrell

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