What Kind Of Make-up Will Make My Pimples Look Invisible?

I Have A View Normal Teenage pimples on my face but I wanted to know like what kind of Make up do the celebs and models use to make their face look like it's flawless.

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    Their photos are airbrushed. Makeup in many instances draws more attention to the breakouts. It can also make them worse or in some cases be causing your breakouts. Lay off the makeup, clean your skin at least twice daily with a mild cleanser. Use an exfoliating scrub twice weekly. Use a toner made for problem skin. Let your face heal. Pitch the makeup your using. It could already be contaminated with the bacteria from your current breakout. When your face has cleared up, begin with a new foundation for your type of skin...oily or dry. If you breakout again, it could likely be your allergic to the makeup or you're not cleaning your face well...or your diet has too many fats in it.

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    You can get really expensive thick make-up like the celebs at major department stores when you get your colors done. However, you can also put concealer on your pimples and then put a light foundation over it such as Physician's Formula and that should help. Don't overdo the make-up or it will look more noticeable that you are trying to cover something up.

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    Physicians Formula "twins" concealer. It's green on one side and flesh color on the other side. Use it with foundation and a light powder. Make sure everything you use is oil free and non pore clogging, or you'll just end up with more pimples! And yeah, all the pics you see in magazines are heavily airbrushed!

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    Find a concealer closely matched to the colour of your skin, but with a hint of yellow. (Yellow cancels out purple as it is the opposite colour in the spectrum to it). Apply it using a thin tipped brush for precision. Pat it gently with your finger so that it doesn't’t show, and then fix in place with loose powder. Then brush away the excess loose powder using a powder brush.

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    well you can use conceler, but to really help cover and clear up the normal pimples use oil free, and sweat resestains liquid foundation.

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    concealer.. a stick would be the best kind

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