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does any1 know the 3 beginning #'s of a cell phone # from Georgia?


the town is Hunnington,Georgia (or something like that) He said it was pretty close to Atlanta

Update 2:

the town is huntington,Georgia (Im pretty sure) he said it was pretty close to Atlanta

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    Don't listen to them..I live in Atlanta. The area codes are 404, 678, 770. My cell # starts with 678. Any of those other #'s are area codes for cities way outside of Atlanta.

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    The area code for GA is 404. The prefixes (depending on which city) are:

    229 404 470 478 678 706 770 912

    Good luck!

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    I'm from the UK so don't know exactly what the situation is in the US, but here cellphones don't have any sort of area code at all.

    Because they are 'mobile' phones they don't have a 'home' location and therefore no number prefix to designate origin.

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    either 707 706 402 try one

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    You would have to know the city because there are a few possibilities:

    Good luck!

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    770... huntington?

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